Putting Aside Other Dreams to Fulfill My Dream of Being a Mother


I love to sing opera.


I said it.

My biggest dream growing up was to travel around the nation as a famous opera singer. I started taking voice lessons when I was 14 and fell in love with the skill of voice training. Singing in French, Italian, Latin, and occasionally Spanish was thrilling to me. When I went to college, I decided to major in music education (just in case I didn’t become famous) and continued voice training all four years.

And Guess What?

I became a music teacher. Not a famous opera singer.

Why? Because I met the most amazing man during sophomore year, and I wanted to be a wife and mother… more than I wanted to be a famous opera singer. In the beginning, it wasn’t hard to let go of my dream when something new and exciting was coming my way (being a smitten fiancé).

I thought to myself, “Oh the life of a wife and mom looks like so much fun! Way more fun than that of an opera singer!”

Growing up, I wish I had paid more attention to how hard my mom worked for our family. I might have gained a more accurate view of how “glamorous” and “fun” the work of a mom IS NOT.

Big Dreams, Smaller Market

I don’t ever regret becoming a wife and mom, but now I yearn to sing more than ever. Not as a famous opera star, belting the high notes in Carnegie Hall… but just to sing. To share my passion with others. In a community choir. At church. In a musical. Anything. Now, I’m lucky if I get to sing in the shower every few days. And the only songs I usually get to sing outside the shower are “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Jesus Loves Me.”

In this season, with a toddler and a baby, there is little time for hobbies and fulfilling dreams. But I will take it step by step to bring my other dreams back into the picture. As my kids get older, it will be much easier to fulfill both dreams of being a mother and a musician. I no longer desire the fame of being an opera singer, but I do dream of singing often in my community.

Being a wife and mother may not look like the dream life, but it is a good life. A rich life. A life filled with growing, learning, loving, laughing, hoping, and giving. It is not glamorous in any way, but my kid’s eyes sparkle more than the prettiest dress. Being a mom is not always fun, but watching my kids laugh and have fun is the best fun there is.

Keep Dreaming

I hope you too can find little ways to bring other dreams back into the mix of your beautiful dream of motherhood. During the little years for our kids, it’s hard to find much time for anything but mothering. A quick nap is a luxury. A trip to the grocery store is mandatory.

But filling your soul is important, too. Even if you only spend an hour a week following another dream, it will fill your heart with joy. You will be filled with a joy that you can then give back to your children.



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