How I Do It ALL: My Real Life Super Power


Raise your hand if you are an OVERTHINKER.

Raise your hand if your partner has told you to “stop thinking so much!”

Raise your hand if you have no idea how to turn off your mind.

Hand! Hand! Hand!

I am done with the negative connotations associated with overthinking. Overthinking has become a very bad word in our culture. Overthinking has become an insult. Well, listen up world–I AM AN OVERTHINKER aka as a SUPER THINKER. I wear that badge upon my chest as an emblem of this super power.

I stand strong with pride, and here is why:

  1. Overthinking is what makes us CONSIDERATE: This “overthinking” business is exactly why we create meal trains, plan and execute birthday parties, cocktail parties, and holiday parties. Regardless of the reason why, this ugly business of “thinking too much,” is the exact reason why our people feel loved. And it gives us our ability to take care of all of you! Every time you think ______ is SOOOOOO AMAZING!!! It is due to the fact that we overthought on your behalf. Sweet surprises are over-thinkers specialties.   
  2. Overthinking is what makes us capable: “How do you do it all?” they ask. We respond, “Oh, honey if you only knew…” (that we hadn’t showered in 3 days (kidding)) The reason we are able to run our households, manage multiple people’s schedules, work, run side businesses, cook dinner, manage money, do laundry, plan vacations, delegate and remember not only your birthday but your mother’s too… is because we beautifully over super think.
  3. Overthinking is what makes us strong: Our ability to pray for others, to inspire others, to carry on when the world goes “black” is because we search the world, God and the caverns of our mind for the peace that surpasses all understanding.
  4. Overthinking is what helps us persevere: We like to think. Think. Think. We like to think about this and we like to think about that. As Dr. Seuss would say “Oh, the thinks you can think. If you only try.” We think about the future. We remember the past. We plan. We fight. We organize. We push through hard times, and embrace the good times. We get up when we are knocked down. We try, try again. This super thinking stuff is pretty great so far! 
  5. Overthinking helps us problem solve: Us “crazy” overthinkers like to think…. OUTSIDE the box. Throw us a problem and we will consider many different avenues. We might not come up with the answer but we will help you to find a possibly “crazy” solution that just might make all things well, and even if not, with this super power we have, we promise to keep “thinking” about it. 
  6. Overthinking is what protects our people: Yes, we worry. Yes, we all have our different worries. Some of us worry about vaccines, others about GMOs and then there are many that simply worry about the people that worry about those vaccines and GMOs. The point is, we overthink because we love you and want to protect you. It is in our nature to care for our families; to protect our families. Sometimes this manifests into doctor appointments, or women’s rallies, or even into a little bit of jealousy. We protect our young. We protect our partner. IT is what we do and this in fact is a very good thing.  

Here’s the ugly side of overthinking: If you want our love, our protection, our acts of consideration… If you want us to create creative meals, plan kind gifts, and take care of you when you are sick, if you want all the good that we embody — YOU MUST UNDERSTAND that we are only us because we are thinkers. Nevertheless, we will give it to you, this super thinking can become extreme. Please know that we are still human and that the same super power that pours love into our lives is also our kryptonite. In those moments that our tailspin is not for the good, but rather creates unnecessary panic and anxiety; those are the moments that we need you to be our hero. We need for you to reassure us, remind us and love us. You would be amazed by how much power reassurance has. This is not the moment to chastise our thoughts (it doesn’t help nor does it turn our minds off) but this is the moment for you to use your thinking power for our good and to say something amazing or encouraging or take a burden off of our spinning plate. As much as we try, we cannot do it all, nor can we do it alone and WE DO NOT WANT TO.  Help us in these moments. Listen to our thoughts. Give us a hug. Make a joke. Step up and step in.   

We are super women. We are powerful. We are flawed. BUT, I promise you that we are thinking about all the ways to overcome our weaknesses, to provide for your needs, for our family’s needs, and for our own. To do this we must simply stop and think about a few things.


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