Why We Give Our SafeSplash Experience 5 Stars

SafeSplash Swimming SuccessWe are thankful to SafeSplash Swim School for this sponsored post. But the thoughts & feelings are our own and we only share companies that we personally know & love!

I was a veritable fish as a child. I took to water easily and loved swimming. Putting my own kids in swim lessons was a no brainer – for fun, as a life skill, and to ensure their safety. I started lessons with both of them as preschoolers at our local gym – they were affordable and close to our house. They certainly learned the basics and love to be in the water. But five plus years of swim lessons later, at ages 8 and 10, they were not as proficient as I had hoped – not from the standpoint of safety, and their technique and form were not where I wanted it to be. I had the opportunity to enroll them in four weeks of lessons at SafeSplash. While I was excited for the lessons, I was not sure about what kind of progress they could make in only four weeks.

I called to enroll them, and it was super easy – over the phone they helped me determine what level each of my kids would be at, and helped find a class that fit our schedule. Lessons are billed on a monthly basis, and are continued until you let them know you are ready to discontinue lessons (either at the SafeSplash location) or with a quick phone call. It is just as easy to switch class times or dates-the flexibility is great. I received confirmation emails immediately, with the lesson dates and times for each of my children.

The first time we arrived, I must admit that we slid in the door rather close to their first lesson time – the recommendation is to arrive at least 15 minutes early to finish any paperwork and get your child prepared. I was greeted immediately as we entered the bright reception area and lobby. Big windows look into the pool area, and there is lots of seating as well as a play area, child-sized table/chairs and a flat screen television turned to Nick Jr.

While I finished the paperwork, my son was ushered into the pool area. There are only four kids per lesson, and they bring the kids into the pool area about 5 minutes prior to the start of the lesson. A staff person sits with them until their teacher is ready. The 30 minute lessons start and end remarkably on time. The atmosphere is so calm and organized – it makes it a really pleasant experience. My daughter’s lesson was scheduled to start fifteen minutes after my son’s, so she sat quietly enjoying the television while she waited. I sat on a long bench facing the windows into the pool, and watched as the instructor welcomed my son and went right into the lesson. My daughter was ushered into the pool next, and also started and ended on time. She is older, and I was really glad to see the attention that was paid to her stroke development, as well as new skills like learning to dive into the pool.

My kids received such good instruction regarding stroke development, breathing and kicking – I saw a difference in both of my kids after one lesson! As they progressed through the four lessons, it was amazing to see their proficiency increase each time. By the fourth lesson, I felt that they were safer in the pool, and had enough skills to consider being on a youth swim team sometime soon. That was amazing.

There are so many little details that make SafeSplash stand out. The water is warm, which made my kids happy to get in the pool. The instructors are so good – great with the kids and excellent at teaching them the fine points of swimming. Small classes mean lots of individual attention! The shower area has shower heads that are adult height as well as kid height, so it was much easier getting my son to shower because he liked standing under a shower that was his size. The individual dressing rooms are clean and comfortable. And the lobby is an easy place to spend the time watching my kids learn how to swim.

We were so pleased with their progress, we opted to continue lessons. My daughter, who has been a somewhat reluctant swim lesson participant in the past, gets out of the water every time and says, “I really like it here! This is so fun!” I asked her why it was fun. She thought for a moment, and said, “I like the teachers. The water is warm. And they taught me how to really swim.” I think that sums it up. Thanks SafeSplash!