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Waves & Water __Summer is in full swing in Colorado Springs.  It finally feels like we can pull out the warm weather clothes and pack away the snow gear (gasp!)  Summertime fun is the best kind of fun in Colorado: hiking, BBQ’s with friends, festivals and camping.  And of course, our favorite: swimming, boating and fishing.

Since our family is almost always doing an activity dealing with water, I’m extra anxious about their safety.  I have two boys that LOVE to keep up with their Dad.  They follow him everywhere, want to help with the boat, hang over the edge of the boat, wander off at our outdoor pool.  The facts are terrifying, and drowning can happen in a split second.  We are teaming up with SafeSplash to share some tips for keeping YOUR kids safe this summer.

  1. Have the Conversation; Set the Rules

    As the parent, you set the tone and have a great opportunity to teach your kids water safety.  Have the conversation with your children about the rules BEFORE you get to the pool or the lake.  Make sure they understand that they NEVER jump in without Mom and/or Dad present.  Set the rules about personal flotation devices around open water before you arrive at your destination.  Our kids know that they cannot walk on a dock or near boat ramps without first having a life jacket fully secured.

  2. Practice, Practice, Practice!

    Practice blowing bubbles and floating as often as possible.  Practice at home in the bathtub or your own small swimming pool.  Practice with your kids at your local pool.  The more days in a row you practice, the faster they pick up the skills.  Once they master the skills, swimming is like riding a bike.  They don’t forget the skills they have already learned.

  3. Get Enrolled in Swimming Lessons

    Sometimes as a parent, it is hard to teach your own children to swim.  I grew up swimming and teaching swim lessons, but when it comes to my own two boys, we have made WAY more progress with a different instructor. Making sure your kids are water safe is a life skill.  It is crucial to make sure they know what to do in the water: that they learn to front float, back float, and they are comfortable with the safety rules in a pool setting but also in open water.

  4. Always Wear Gear

    In the state of Colorado, every child under 13 years of age must wear a USCG–approved Personal Flotation Device (life jacket) while on board any vessel that has entered the water unless the child is below deck or in an enclosed cabin.  Life jackets for children are based on weight, so be sure to check for the sizing of each jacket for each child.

We are excited to continue enjoying the summer fun.  Our kids have already made so much progress this summer with water safety and swimming skills – the more they are around the water, the better they get!  If you are looking for additional resources and tips, or to start swimming lessons, contact our friends at SafeSplash Colorado Springs!

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Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, we are SO grateful to SafeSplash for coming alongside us to share these water safety tips.  All thoughts and opinions on my children and our experience is 100% true too!

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