Calling out Mean Moms: Wear the Title Proudly


Mean MomsThere are an incredible number of mean moms out there. 

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Our kids would tell us so. Possibly even our spouses as well as our own friends or other mothers. This mouth dropping title is a reflection that we are doing our jobs. It is hard to stray from the good cop role, but it is vital in parenting to stand one’s ground.

I became that mean mom after enforcing a “no device” rule in the late evening.  Days 1 and 2 were pure hell. The questioning, exasperated comments, and arguments hurtling my way in rapid succession were downright painful. I felt like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix dodging bullets.  

Words and actions can attempt to take you down in literally seconds, but we moms know we mean what we say.  

Mom: Electronics Slayer!

By Day 3, they started to come around. They woke up happy and I smugly thought to myself, “Pat on the back mom, they needed this as much as you did. Way to stand your ground. Look at them, well rested and all downstairs for breakfast anxiously waiting for the return of the devices. Man, you are good.”

Not so quick! Reality slapped me silly when the shocking truth came crashing in. I had forgotten to check and see if they had turned in their devices the previous night. Shizzlesticks! They had them all along. No wonder they were so happy this morning. Double shizzlesticks! Total screw up on my part having gone to bed early the night before and completely spacing off checking to see if they had followed the “turn in the device” rule. 

You can guess what happened next.

My hands were outstretched and the words effortlessly flowed from my mouth, “Hand them over… and I do mean right now.”

Mean Mom Badge of Honor

My kids didn’t come right out and say it, but the looks on their faces said it all. Guess who was re-crowned “meanest mom?” 

The title makes me proud.

Stand in your no mommas, especially as you’re re-establishing back to school routines right now. Our kids are better for it.  Hold them accountable, teach and love on them with all your might.