5 Steps to Help You Shop For Baby Clothes

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It can feel downright impossible to find the perfect baby clothes when you’re out shopping for a newborn. There are outrageously cute designer outfits that might never get worn (or break the bank) and a 5-pack of plain white onesies for half the cost of that single outfit- so finding a balance between the two can be overwhelming. When you break your priorities into a list, like I’ve done, it simplifies the shopping process into a quick checklist of important qualities! Take note of…baby clothes

1. Softness

Comfort is key for baby clothes. Certain fabrics can irritate their sensitive skin and don’t forget to keep in mind that they spend the majority of their day sleeping. The best way to test the softness of clothing is by touching it! Go ahead and feel the baby clothes in person by getting out into the stores. Head to Kohl’s (my personal favorite place to grab baby clothes) to check out the Baby Department and compare the different items and brands to find the softest items.

2. Durability

Having an extremely soft and comfortable outfit is great, but it will do nothing for you or baby if it falls apart after the first wash (hello, blowouts!). You can check the durability and quality of an article of clothing by reading the label and seeing what it is made out of. Kohl’s carries the Just Born Line which uses organic cotton. Shopping organic is trendy for a reason- did you know that non-organic options can contain chemicals that are linked to health concerns and also contribute to water pollution? The Just Born Collection ensures each item is safe and comfortable by certifying each piece! 

3. Sizes

Finding the correct size for a baby who’s quickly growing is a tricky task. Even shopping for a baby who isn’t here yet can be hard– for example, my first born baby was full term, but very small. We packed the hospital bag assuming he’d be coming home in Newborn clothing (he was a newborn, after all!) but he fit into only Preemie sized clothing for the first week or so! He then caught up with his sizes and ended up fitting into larger sizes than his current age. In short, the age size of the label doesn’t necessarily mean it will fit your baby at that age. I would expect some obstacles with finding the correct size, but also remember that a correctly sized outfit is important for the safety and comfort of your baby. A quick way to guess is by eyeballing sizes in the store- and the worst case scenario would be taking advantage of Kohl’s great exchange policy to grab the next size!

4. Affordability

Affordability is very important to most parents, especially when keeping in mind how quickly babies grow. You don’t want to shell out a ton for something that will be worn once. The best route is to take the other steps into account and match your budget to them. The new Just Born line checks off all of the other parts of this list and since it’s carried at Kohl’s, you can guarantee it’s at an affordable price point for most families. All families deserve the opportunity to purchase high-quality clothing for their babies. Better yet– Kohl’s is running a sale both in-store and online to celebrate the new Just Born line with 30% off from 9/9-9/22 which you can find here!

5. Designs

Best of all, the designs featured on the Just Born collection are adorable. They feature a baby-friendly style that values every single point in this list and only adds to the cuteness factor that our babies already have! Your little one will be the hit of Baby Storytime in the Lil Lion and Lil Llama collections that are pictured, and there is also a Lil Dino and Lil Lamb design that are so cute, you just need to check them out for yourself.

Shop the Just Born Line at Kohl’s Here

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