Simplifying the Nanny Process with Poppins Payroll

We are thankful to Poppins Payroll for this sponsored post. But the thoughts & feelings are our own and we only share companies that we personally know & love!

Raise your hand if you have ever thought having an in-home nanny or housekeeper would be a dream come true?  We certainly could not agree more with all the hands that are raised.  There is so much value to having someone come into your home to work for you – whether it is as a nanny, babysitter, or even a health aide or nurse.

Once you have more than one child, the value of an in-home employee absolutely multiplies. Packing up the diaper bag(s), snacks, having your kids nap somewhere other than their own bed, and just having to run around in the mornings to get out the door can be such a challenge.  As you look into hiring someone to work in your home, it can also be a challenge to figure out how all the payroll laws work, as well as how to pay that person and stay legal.  This is why we love Poppins Payroll.

The Challenge

– Did you know that anytime you pay a nanny working in your home more than $2,000 a year, the IRS considers the nanny your employee and not an independent contractor?  And, the laws say you should be withholding taxes and remitting them like any other employer. But, the rules for household employers are different than for a regular business.

– You want to pay legally, not only to comply with the law and avoid stiff penalties, but also so your nanny gets important benefits like social security, medicare and unemployment. Another benefit to following the law, is that if you pay legally, you get to take advantage of the tax credits available for dependent care.BACKEND-History

Do the above paragraphs make your head spin a little bit?

– Doing the payroll and taxes yourself is a nightmare and the services available before Poppins Payroll were all expensive, had confusing pricing structures, and required a substantial amount of the user’s time filling out countless forms.FEATURES

What We Love About Poppins Payroll

Poppins Payroll was founded by two moms who were looking for a simple and affordable solution to the confusion that is household payroll.  Because this company was started by moms who are walking in the same journey as you, they easily understand the challenges that you are facing as you try to navigate motherhood and a million other tasks during the day.  Paying a household employee such as a nanny, babysitter, housekeeper or nurse should be simple.  Nanny taxes made merry.

Poppins Payroll is different.

•Affordable – It is less than half the price of other services out there (compare others at $1100 to just $429 for the first year of Poppins)

•Simple – It has a simple pay structure of $39 that includes EVERYTHING. The goal of Poppins Payroll is to make this simple, not more confusing.  In fact, they get calls frequently with users wanting to verify that $39 includes everything – YES! It does. Even direct deposit is free with Poppins Payroll.

•Easy-to-use – Not only do you get tax experts that make sure you stay 100% in compliance with the complicated tax laws, but Poppins uses an intuitive, and super adorable, user interface so that everything is done online – no more forms every payday!

•Awesome – Right now they are offering the first month for FREE.

OK, so you may be thinking this service is simply too good to be true.  We think it is an honest, streamlined solution to a niche that moms (and dads) are needing.  As we were learning more about the services they provide, this page of Frequently Asked Questions helped a lot in understanding the entire process.

If you are looking for a simple solution to an otherwise complex process, look no further!  We hope Poppins Payroll will make life easier for parents with their turn key service.