Super Easy Halloween Treats For A Few Or An Entire Classroom

Halloween Treats for a few or a whole classroom!
Halloween Treats for a few or a whole classroom!

If you’re like me, you’ve done time volunteering in classrooms. And sometimes you are in charge of events and have to come up with cute activities and crafts for the kiddos to create and enjoy. This little tasty treat has been serving me well for years, from my Brownie Girl Scouts to classroom parties, this has been a go-to no fail fun treat for kids to make and enjoy.

WARNING: if you are looking for health-conscious snacks…keep looking….they’re not here!  Unless you consider chocolate frosting a health food…..

Halloween Treats IngredientsThese treats take only a few ingredients, and are VERY simple!

You will need:
Chocolate covered cookies (the striped on one side kind)
Chocolate candies
Chocolate frosting
Orange icing

Step 1: Unwrap the chocolate candies.  Halloween Treats 9

Yes, this is a critical step, not to be skipped. While it might be tempting to not expose the chocolate, it is simply not the same.

And, if doing this with a large group, be very very careful of those little fingers than can unwrap and get the candy into a mouth faster than you can reach them. For some reason, many children would just rather eat the candy than make the treat. I don’t know why….

A little frosting for some "glue".
A little frosting for some “glue”.

Step 2: Put frosting on the bottom of the candy. This sounds simple, yet can lead to all kinds of trouble. For those at home with one child, a knife is certainly fine. But for those of you working with a group of children, that have

already been denied popping the aforementioned chocolate into their salivating mouths, be warned, chocolate frosting is very hard to resist. The fastest, simplest way to accomplish this step is to hold the candy at the point and give it a dip into the frosting, just enough to coat the bottom of the candy.

Be advised, should you decide to go ahead and use knives to put frosting on the bottom of the candies, you WILL have to keep a sharp eye out. I have yet to see a child able to resist the urge to lick said knife before sticking it back into the tub of frosting….
Just make sure they aren’t dipping their fingers, licking the frosting off, then repeating and all will be well. Or at least a little less germy….

Halloween Treats 8

Step 3: The chocolate striped cookie should be sitting chocolate side up. The frosting coated candy will then be placed in the center of the cookie. This should completely cover the hole in the center. It should be now safe for the children to lick their fingers-unless they are making more than one!!


Halloween Treats 10Step 4: Does require an adult. If doing cookies for any length of time with a large number of children, you may want more than one-because your hand WILL cramp up.
With the orange writing icing, trace around the base of the chocolate candy. You can leave it there, or add a bow. I add the bow. Not very well, but I add it anyway. After about 50 of these, however, have another adult on standby to take over for you!

And that is it!! Super simple, the kids love putting them together, and then popping them in to their mouths. One easy activity for your classroom party that makes a craft they get to eat when they are done-or a quick treat for the family! Enjoy!


And, after Halloween is over, and they put all the candy corn on clearance, grab some. I’ll show you some cute treats to make with your kids with those in November!

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