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SwiftFix Mobile Bike Shop

A full-service bike shop on wheels?

As a mom to three busy kids, I am always looking for ways to make my life simpler and easier (aren’t we all??).  So when I found out about SwiftFix Mobile Bike Shop I was immediately intrigued.  A full-service bike shop that comes to me??!? It sounds great, but there has to be a catch, right? So I had to give it a try and see what flaws I could find.

SwiftFix is a full-service bike repair shop on wheels that comes to you. I arranged for them to come to my house for tune-ups on my bikes. ALL of my bikes… Normally that would involve me loading them all up and taking them to a bike shop to have them looked at. I was pleasantly surprised to find he could come out right away.  When we spoke I learned that sometimes he can come out the same day, but most of his appointments are scheduled within 2 days of the customer contacting him. Great! My bikes could be tuned up and ready when I make last-minute plans!

Greg, the owner and operator of SwiftFix, pulled up to my driveway and greeted me with a smile. He was really friendly and not at all fazed by the 5 bikes I had laying out on the driveway for him to look at-or the five-year-old who immediately began peppering him with questions (which he good-naturedly answered for the entire hour he was at my home).

No Problem Too Big For This Shop

He put each of my bikes onto the stand in his van and worked on each one, explaining what each needed and what kind of shape it was in. I stood right next to his van, watching him work and listened as he explained what he was doing for my bike and why it needed to be done. No phone calls back and forth to consult on things the repair shop found and no wondering what those things really were. He had everything needed-tools and parts-right there on hand, everything was fixed immediately.

In all he tuned up 5 of my bikes, which ended up including a front brake repair on one bike, a rear derailleur repair on one bike and a new tube on a third. This took about an hour. One hour! Just transporting my bikes to and from a shop would take that amount of time-and that doesn’t include the time between when I dropped them off and picked them up, waiting for the shop to call and say they were ready for pick-up.

But It Costs More, Right?

When I first heard of this service, I assumed the trade-off for saving the time and hassle of taking my bikes to a shop was going to be the cost.  Surely having the bike shop come to you was going to cost a lot more! But it blew my mind when I researched and found his fees were comparable to what bike shops in town charge-AND he has a discounted rate for kids bikes! I couldn’t find a bike shop in town that did that-and I checked them all out. This really made a difference for me as most of my bikes are kids bikes.

It’s not often that you find a service that comes to you, where it can save you not only time and effort, but money as well. In one hour I had all the bikes for my family in great working shape and for less money than it would have cost me to take them to a shop!

I’ll Never Take My Bike To A Shop Again

I may have gone into this with some skepticism, but I came out a believer. I can’t imagine ever taking my time to haul bikes into a shop again. Not when I can call Greg at SwiftFix Mobile Bike Shop to come to my house and fix whatever is wrong with my bike-while I either hang out and watch or go inside and get some other work done. Seeing how excited I was at learning about his service, he did caution me, however, that while he does make house calls, he doesn’t make trips to fix bikes out on the trails! I’m still on my own to get my bike home when something breaks-but he will come to my house after I get home! 

It’s Your Turn

If you want the chance to try SwiftFix Mobile Bike Shop for yourself, then we have something incredible for you. Greg, with SwiftFix, would like to give one lucky reader a full family tune-up. That is over a $200.00 value!! Head on over to this Facebook Post for your chance to win. 

[box]We are thankful to SwiftFix Mobile Bike Shop for providing this sponsored post. As always, the thoughts and opinions are 100% my own, and we always partner with brands we love and trust.[/box]


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