The Secret Solution to Securing a Babysitter


I am a FIRM believer in date nights with my husband. He is a spontaneous romantic, so when he gets an idea, he plans it. For that night. Not a few weeks in advance or even a month. NOPE. Last minute.

I know I can’t be the only mom out there who is taxed with finding a babysitter. It is stressful. Especially for a procrastinator like me. (Read – my husband is spontaneous, I am a procrastinator). I am also not the most organized, and my dreaded list of babysitters is often a long shuffle through my contact list in my phone. I have started entering names like Susie Babysitter so I can just search “Babysitter”.

I’ll be honest. My babysitter hiring method has not been working. And don’t even get me started on my once awesome pool of reliable sitters that has dwindled down to one sitter. ONE. I worked so hard to build that list! 


I have found the solution, Mamas! The Sitter App is my new best friend. Sitter allows parents to send a request to all of their sitters at once, eliminating the dreaded texting and waiting game. In turn, parents are able to connect with their friends on Sitter, find new sitters through their connections, and create a circle of trusted babysitters. Allow me to introduce you…


  1. Add your current babysitter’s contact info into the app. You can allow the app to use your contact list, so if your sitters are already in your phone, this is fast! It is completely private, and Sitter will not share info or spam the sitters. 
  2. When you need a sitter, go to the app, create a booking, enter the time and date you need, and SEND!
  3. A simple text message is sent to all the sitters you are connected with all at once (remember my unorganized mess? NO MORE!) Sitters don’t even need to install the app – it can all be done over text! The sitters can reply with a simple Y or N, and the first one to respond with a Y gets the job. Easy as can be!
  4. Once the position is filled, a friendly text message is sent to the other sitters to inform them.

Setting up the app was simple and fast. It took 30 seconds to create my account. I’ve been using the app and exploring all the options. This app is simplifying my life already. 

The most incredible feature of this app is networking with friends. I have always asked my friend, Jess for referrals on babysitters. Now, with the app, our circles are expanded. I add her on the app, and we have the sum of both our lists for potential babysitters. Kristen Stiles, a Boulder, CO Mama, developed this incredible tool. She shares, “If I have three sitters and my friend has three sitters, that means we have six sitters between us. I always start with my favorites but if needs be, I’ll branch out to whoever is available  from my friends’ networks.”

Here is a quick video that shows exactly how this works:


Here are some added features that take this app above and beyond. (Note: some features available with the Premium plan – which I think is worth it!)

  • Pay your sitters! That’s right, no more writing checks or pulling out cash. Pay your sitters via Debit or Credit Card.
  • Keep a list of emergency contacts and other important information regarding allergies etc. You can get rid of the magnet on your fridge and/or cross writing long notes for each sitter.
  • Set re-occurring needs. If you have a predictable schedule, use the app to pre plan your weeks or months.
  • Call to check in on the kids? This app lets you chat in real time with your babysitters!
  • If you like hiring sitters that live near by, you can use the app to search your neighborhood.
  • This is my favorite – Use the in-app timer to track how long you were gone and what you need to pay your sitter. (Math as a mom hurts my head!)
  • The app sends reminders to you and the babysitter of an upcoming appointment. No more stressing about the babysitter forgetting!


My husband can get on board with this.  Kristen says, “My husband had never booked a babysitter in his life and didn’t even know their names. With the app, he’s connected to my private circle of friends and babysitters. Now when he wants to take me out, he can plan a date night without me knowing about it, from start to finish.”

Dads: Download this app right now. Your wife would love if you planned a date night, including the babysitter.

Moms: I promise you will fall in love with this app. Download it today and set it up in a flash. You will be headed out on the town tonight!

We are thankful to Sitter for sponsoring this post, but as always, the thoughts and opinions in this post are our own. We partner with brands we love and trust.
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