The Uphill: Mothering in Hard Seasons


Mothering is full of the uphill. There are seasons of motherhood where I just need to remind myself to put one step in front of the other, take deep breaths and just keep going.

uphill in mothering

The Uphill Climb

I hike pretty regularly. I try to visit my favorite trail weekly.  This trail climbs steeply uphill the whole way until, of course, you decide to turn around to head back down.

I love this uphill climb, and hate this uphill climb.

The challenge to push myself harder, faster and farther than I think I can go drives me to keep climbing. The uphill, however, becomes more difficult as I go.  I remind myself that reaching my destination is always worth the uphill climb, so step by step, I push through.

Stop and Enjoy the View

On a recent hike, however, I decided to not be in such a hurry to get to my destination. Several times I stopped and watched the sun rising over the city. Surprised by how high and far I had come, I pulled up a seat on a rock and just enjoyed the view.

I thought about my current season in life. This journey feels a bit grueling at the moment, like I’m pushing hard for the summit to see the beautiful views and waiting for a relief from the uphill climb.

But maybe what I found true on the trail is true in life. To not just wait for the uphill to end before I turn around and look at how far I’ve come. To—even while climbing, while it’s hard—purposefully stop and see how far I’ve come, celebrate progress and reflect on lessons learned along the way, even if I’m not to my destination yet. Slowing down and reflecting brings a bit of relief, purpose, and joy to the uphill climb.

What season of motherhood are you in? In what way do you stop and enjoy the “views” in front of you?