There’s More To Your Varicose Veins Than Meets The Eye

AVI Logo_Horizontal_4C-WithTagWe are so thankful to Dr. James. D. Albert of Albert Vein Institute who is “Colorado’s Vein Specialist” for providing this sponsored post highlighting symptoms and/or physical findings that may represent “medically necessary” venous insufficiency and the importance of being evaluated early for the safest and most effective outcome.

Venous patients (varicose and spider vein patients) present with varied physical findings and degrees of symptoms. Patients can present with only varicose veins, only spider veins, and some with both. Symptoms vary and can range from mild aching, heaviness, leg fatigue progressing to ankle swelling and lower leg discoloration. Spider veins without symptoms are considered cosmetic. The presence of symptoms and any combination of physical findings may represent “medically necessary” venous insufficiency. Patients with symptoms should be evaluated by ultrasound in coordination with the evaluation of a Board Certified Physician such as a Board Certified Phlebologist (who specializes in vein care) prior to any cosmetic treatment. The presence of venous disease will inhibit cosmetic injection therapy from working. Receiving cosmetic treatment at an institution that is unable to evaluate the health of your venous system could result in ineffective treatment.

At Albert Vein Institute (AVI), we treat both medical and cosmetic scenarios with the safest and time proven techniques.  All first time patients will personally receive a complimentary evaluation from Dr. Albert to ensure the patient is not put through any unnecessary medical tests. Dr. Albert has the comprehensive medical training and expertise to evaluate if each patient needs vein treatment at all, and if so, what the most effective treatment plan should be for a successful outcome. Vein patients can present with a variety of issues so it is crucial to have the most competent board certified vein physician specialist evaluate your overall health history and understand which issues are vein related that might be contributing to your symptoms and understand which other health issues might possibly be creating your particular symptoms.

Be cautious when choosing your vein practice to ensure you get an evaluation from a Board Certified physician before any tests are performed and any treatments are recommended. Dr. Albert is trained to understand if your symptoms might be due to other health issues that are not vein-related and would recommend further evaluation from the appropriate medical professional. Dr. Albert is a Board Certified Cardiovascular Surgeon and Board Certified Phlebologist. His credentials bring the highest level of competence and care to each and every vein patient.


Varicose veins are caused by faulty valves in the superficial (saphenous) veins located in the lower extremities. Varicose veins form because the surface veins can’t drain and they back up and bulge. Most varicose vein problems found on the lower legs can cause, but are not limited to: aching, swelling, burning, throbbing, itching, cramping, heaviness in the legs and ankle swelling. Clots can form within these veins due to slow blood flow if left untreated. The inflammation that results is called phlebitis. When phlebitis develops, the clot area may become painful, hot, red and swollen. One of the serious reasons you should seek treatment early for your varicose veins is to prevent the possibility of developing phlebitis. In addition, long term untreated varicose veins can also cause discoloration (brown or redness) of the ankle eventually leading to ulcers. Seek treatment early for your varicose veins to avoid any of these additional problems.  


Spider veins (telangectasias) are the very small veins seen at the surface of the skin often appearing red or purple. These veins received their name because they often have the appearance of a spider web and can be seen on the legs or face. Spider veins are usually cosmetic in nature, unless they are associated with leg symptoms. When they are accompanied by heaviness, itching, burning, tiredness, ankle swelling, restless leg or cramps, for instance, spider veins may be indicative of superficial venous disease. When spider veins are accompanied with leg symptoms, a non-invasive ultrasound is performed to evaluate the superficial system and determine if there is a more serious underlying vein condition.

Spider veins that are not accompanied by symptoms can be treated with either sclerotherapy or surface laser. Sclerotherapy is the injection of a special solution into the vein to cause the vein to be reabsorbed by the body. You may need as little as one session or several depending upon the amount of spider veins that you have. Surface lasers are used on the smallest of spider veins and is the preferred method for facial veins. Spider vein treatments do need touch ups from time to time because as we age we will develop new spider veins. However, if you have had treatment in the past that was unsuccessful, please come in for a complimentary consultation to AVI as techniques and solutions have changed throughout the years. For the safest and most effective outcome, Dr. Albert and AVI believe strongly in medically evaluating each and every patient before any procedures are provided for varicose and spider veins and any tests such as ultrasound are provided.


Compression stockings are a temporary measure and not a long-term solution. In general, they make a patient feel better, but when they are removed—symptoms return.

When people think of varicose vein treatments, they often think of compression stockings. Many patients believe that wearing a pair purchased at their local pharmacy will help their varicose veins. However, if compression stockings haven’t been prescribed by a vein provider and fitted properly, they can become more of a hindrance than help. In other words, using the wrong compression socks might lead to more extensive health issues. Also, when a patient has a swollen leg or skin changes, these symptoms could be a sign of a more serious condition that could possibly be life or limb threatening. Therefore consult an Albert Vein Institute (AVI) provider when you’re concerned about your legs and are considering compression wear, so it is not just about a pair of stockings but also about the evaluation of potential health problems.  Either way, your evaluation at AVI can bring you assurance that you have protected your health. If you do need a vein procedure, then most insurance carriers require patients to wear provider-prescribed compression stockings before they will insure any venous procedure.

CAUTION: Compression therapy has NOT been proven to treat venous disease but it enhances other treatments offered by AVI. So before buying a pair of compression stockings, seek the evaluation of a medical professional. Dr. Albert and AVI evaluate the need for compression stockings as part of a comprehensive evaluation of your health history and vein issues. 

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** This sponsored post was written to serve as guidance and provide suggestions for physical findings and symptoms of unhealthy veins (varicose and spider veins) as well as important credentials to consider when choosing the most competent vein physician to evaluate your overall health and determine the right vein care for you and should not be taken as concrete medical advice. As with any medical questions or concerns, it is imperative to make an appointment with Dr. Albert for your evaluation to determine your proper diagnosis and treatment. The blog posts submitted to Colorado Springs Moms Blog from community resources and professionals do not necessarily reflect the opinions and endorsements of Colorado Springs Moms Blog. It is the opinion of Colorado Springs Moms Blog to provide our followers with credible information and help educate on reliable and expert resources in our community.

Dr. James D. Albert, RPVI, is the Founder, Medical Director and Practicing Physician at Albert Vein Institute (AVI) in Denver and Colorado Springs. With over two decades of Cardiovascular Surgical experience and trained at the most prestigious medical institutes in the nation, Dr. Albert is Colorado’s leading expert in the treatment of venous disease. AVI is nationally recognized as Colorado’s first and only IAC  Accredited “Vein Center” (Intersocietal Accreditation Commission) which is a prominent distinction in today’s vein care and a reflection of providing the highest standard of vein expertise and safety. Dr. Albert is a Board Certified Cardiovascular Surgeon and Board Certified Phlebologist. He is exceptionally qualified to provide today’s most advanced minimally invasive vein care.  Dr. Albert evaluates first-time patients in a complimentary consultation to ensure the appropriate medical recommendation and treatment plan should the patient need treatment for venous disease. Visit or call 1-888-550-8346.