One Toddler Mama Helping to Change the Current


Our daughter is a full-fledged toddler – imitating the things her daddy and I do. In many ways she’s like her mama. She likes things in order: closed doors, shut cupboards. 

One of the things I hope she picks up from me are little ways that she can use resources efficiently.

Small Changes for Greater Efficiency

I switched to energy efficient light-bulbs a while ago. Having a little one means both the dishwasher and washing machine fill up before we have a chance to run them. It also means showers are generally shorter, since she’s mobile, creative, and inquisitive about what’s in ALL OF THE CABINETS.

Colorado Springs Utilities is changing the current by encouraging all of us to make changes to use our utilities more efficiently. They have launched the Change the Current campaign that not only encourages practices to reduce your electric load and use your water wisely, but also provides tips on keeping your family safe.

Taking the Pledge

I went to and took the pledge to Change the Current. And I agreed to use energy and water wisely. I also pledged to keep my family safe by installing CO2 monitors and promising to call 811 before I dig up my backyard.

The website also has links to other ways you can be more efficient with your utilities so that you can save even more money without having to think much about it.

It’s Your Turn

Why should you take the pledge to Change the Current? We all want the best future for our kids, and safe and reliable utilities is part of that future. Being more efficient helps ensure our utilities resources go further.

Now that we are working on potty training with our daughter, she’s about to become a much bigger consumer of water. I sure am glad we’ve already installed the low-flow toilets!

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