Volunteer Opportunities: The Entire City Lends a Hand


“We don’t volunteer just to create change, but to be changed. We become a better version of ourselves. And the world changes because of it. “ -Chris Jarvis

I was going through a box of things my mom had saved for me and I came across a story I had written as a 9 year old: “The Entire City Lends a Hand.”

Could It Happen? 

I imagine that story differently now that I’m an adult. What would it look like if the entire city really did lend a hand? What if we all did something to serve each other on a regular basis? Imagine how our city would prosper! Not only would our city prosper, so would we.

My volunteer journey began as a 14-year-old. I signed up to help in our church’s children’s ministry. Knowing I wanted to be a teacher when I got older, I thought it would be good to start getting some practice. I didn’t realize how powerful it would be to invest in young lives. But I soon recognized that I was helping “shape” our future leaders. I got to speak into their lives and help influence them. What an honor! It had such a positive impact that I’ve been volunteering with children ever since. While I volunteer to help others, they are helping me – I grow and learn right along with them.

Another volunteer opportunity that impacted me was serving with Habitat for Humanity. There is such gratification in working with others to help a family in need get a home of their own.

And something I do with my children is to collect food for our local food bank. When we go grocery shopping, we purchase an extra item or two. I let my kids help me deliver the food. I want them to begin to learn at a young age that our family “lends a hand” to those in need; that we serve and contribute to our community.

Are you interested in “lending a hand” to our city but don’t know where to start?

Some Suggestions

  • If you have a heart for single moms, volunteer at the Dream Center, a clinic in Colorado Springs offering free health care for women. 
  • Do you love history? Volunteer at the Pioneer Museum or Glen Eyrie
  • Are you concerned about the homeless and wish you could help? Volunteer at the Springs Rescue Mission.
  • Do you love nature? Volunteer at the Bear Creek Nature Center or Garden of the Gods
  • Are your children in school? I know the staff, as well as your children, would love to have you volunteer at their school.
  • As moms, we don’t always have as much free time to “volunteer” as we’d like to, so find things to do WITH your kids. Springs Rescue Mission allows children to serve with their parents and my kids LOVE serving with me at our local church.

What Do I Get Out of It?

Here are some things I’ve found as I’ve volunteered: I meet new friends. I grow and develop skills I didn’t even know I had. And I have fun – serving others takes the focus off my problems and allows me to see how I can help others in their struggles. It’s also good for your health! In the book entitled, “The Healing Power of Doing Good,” author Allan Luks discovered that people who volunteer live longer than those who do not.

Do you already volunteer? Leave a comment and tell us where. Do you know of a volunteer opportunity for moms that I haven’t mentioned? Please leave that information below. 

Imagine Colorado Springs being a place where the entire city lends a hand! I’ve decided to lend a hand. Will you?


  1. What a great post, Kathryn! I love the list of places to volunteer you included. We loved volunteering with Scouting – it was a great opportunity for the whole family.

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