What I Won’t Resolve in 2017


2016 was rough.

It dealt me a few unexpected blows and left me a little bruised and battle weary.

won't resolve

I’m not the same woman I was when I entered 2016, but I’m not sure that I would want to be. Hard times have their own special way of burning away the chaff to reveal where our true treasure lies, don’t they? Having our worlds shaken somehow brings everything into focus in a way nothing else can.

As I sit and reflect on the past year and the year to come, I am tossing my old lists of resolutions out the window. Somehow, the things that used to matter just don’t this year. This year will be different.

Here’s what I WON’T resolve in 2017:

1. I won’t resolve to change my body. I’m happy and healthy and I know I’ll continue to work out as I always have-sporadically. I’ll be proud of myself on the days I make it through a workout and will refuse to beat myself up on the days I don’t.
2. I won’t resolve to acquire, save for, plan for ANYTHING. If we are able to move to a bigger house as planned, great. If it doesn’t happen this year, great. I won’t waste a minute wishing for something I don’t have when I could be giving thanks for the many things I do.
3. I won’t resolve to be more industrious. I know that there will come a day when I will be able to sit on the toilet without watching tiny fingers inch their way under the bathroom door or a day when I am able to make it through a telephone conversation without a little one having a dire emergency. Today is not that day. Trying to do more has never fulfilled me or benefited my family. Slowing down and doing what I have to do well does both.

Maybe I’m not the only one who’s been a bit beaten down by this past year? Maybe I’m not the only one licking my secret wounds? So this year, let’s resolve together to be more gracious to our kids, our husbands, that guy on Powers Blvd who DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO MERGE, and to ourselves. Let’s resolve to sit a little longer with our babies while the dirty dishes languish in the sink. Let’s resolve to never ever feel guilty for savoring the people and things we cherish and letting all of the things we “should” do, wait until tomorrow.


  1. Amanda, I LOVE these “resolutions”!! There’s a time and a place for goals and they are great, but there is also amazing power in letting go and choosing less to be present for life. ๐Ÿ™‚

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