When The Love Changes


I’ve known my husband for 8 years. We have been married for 7. I reflect often on how much our lives have changed in those years. One apartment, two houses, several pets and two kids later… here we are, still in love.

We don’t stay up all hours binge-watching Netflix anymore. Sure, we get the occasional night alone, but it’s rare. Even right now, as I type this, my 15-month-old is walking all over our hotel room and our 5-year-old is pretending to shop.

Love, Then

In the early stages of our relationship, we were so carefree and life seemed simple.

I remember getting butterflies whenever he’d text me. We’d go out at any time. We’d watch shows and movies rated higher than “PG” and not worry about who was watching or listening in the same room. We argued over the silliest of things. I remember the feeling of a “new” relationship and getting to know each other’s likes, dislikes, habits and quirks.

Everything was so fresh and exciting then.

Love, Now

Fast forward to now, and we are still learning about each other.

We’re continuing to grow together, even 8 years later. Do I always get butterflies when he sends me a text now? No, not always. I suspect it’s because our messages now consist of things like, “Hey, so the baby pooped all up her back… what do I do?” or “We’re out of milk. I’ll grab some on my way home.” And my personal favorite from him, “I’m in the bathroom, so it’ll be a while.” Let me say, if he would have sent me that last one while we were first dating… I don’t know that we’d be here now. Lol!

While the dialogue may have changed, our love for each other has only grown.

It’s different than when we were first together. I used to get the flutters from a sappy or sultry text message. These days, I melt when he’s tickling our baby to cheer her up, or when he takes our oldest on a quick daddy-daughter date for a treat.

Sometimes, I miss the excitement of what we used to have. Then, I realize we haven’t lost that, it’s just different (and deeper) now.

Love, The Little Things

Our relationship hasn’t always been easy, and we’ve been through more than many couples I know in our years together. We both try to do little things to show each other we care and that’s so important. He still buys my favorite drink or snack when he goes to the gas station, and I’ll still watch sports with him (even though I may fall asleep during the game!).

Fostering our relationship is so important to both of us, and I love seeing how we’ve come in the time we’ve shared.

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Cory is a 28 year old transplant from Minnesota. She currently lives with her husband of 7 years and their two beautiful girls; Kinley and Khyran. They have two dogs also; a Papillon named Raydar and a Bernese Mountain Dog named Jameson. She enjoys spending time with her family, writing, volunteering, and exploring the beautiful state of Colorado. She is passionate about advocating for equal rights for those with disabilities, learning and teaching about motherhood from a wheelchair, and educating others on disability-life in general. As a family, they enjoy the outdoors, sporting events (specifically hockey and baseball), reading, eating out, and finding new adventures.