With a Look, She Changed the World


Hey there, influencer. That’s right. You’re an influencer. You’re a woman, you’re a mother, and you have a say. For most of us, every day just feels like the everyday. It’s normal. It’s ordinary. We don’t feel profound most of the time. But you know, you have the power to influence every person you see.

I’ve been greatly influenced by people I’ve only observed from afar and never met, people I’ve interacted with once, and people who are “my people” for life. 

Others’ Influence

There was the playful mother on the airport shuttle, traveling alone with her three children. She was firm but cheerful. She was put together but relaxed. I determined that when I had children, I would like to be like her. 

Another was the woman we met downtown late one night before we were married, who told us with gusto that communication is what would keep us together. We still remind each other of this, with the same gusto. 

And then, of course, there’s my own mother, who wisely called me out on my too-frequent sarcasm when I was in high school. She told me the truth that I already knew, but ignored. I wasn’t teasing people to make them feel loved; I was disguising a jab with a joke. She was right, and it broke the habit. 

Your Influence

We have the ability to strengthen or weaken someone’s confidence with something as small as a look. Imagine the power we have with the people we love the most. You know what they say… behind every great man stands a great woman. That’s high praise of your influence, by the way, not a statement about your position. And the same goes for your kids. Behind a great kid is a great mom. 

If you stay at home right now and your world feels small, take heart. You profoundly influence your children in the moments you least expect to. And people you don’t even know watch and listen, and they’ll tell stories about what they learned from you—good or bad. 

You have influence, but there’s no way to measure it. You have influence, so use it for good. 

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Anna likes to think she’s rooted in the Wild, Wild West, as she was born in California and grew up in Colorado. She married a big-bearded Texan, and together they have a two-year-old daughter and a son due to arrive Summer 2018. She’s an easy crier, particularly when it comes to beautiful stories about people with a lot of heart, a lot of courage or a lot of character. Motherhood has affected her deeply and reinforced the importance of creating a life of intentionality and joy. She and her husband Chris love a good story, a good laugh, and a good song. You can find her on Instagram @annaclonts.