Adrienne, Senior Writer

Adrienne is a Colorado native and would not want to live anywhere else! She spends her days juggling the many demands of three sons, and her school-age daughter. When she is not busy deciphering the perplexing young boy brain, or trying to please her diva daughter, you will most likely find her nose in a book, or writing. She loves encouraging her fellow parents in their journey. Recently she has begun a new career as a Real Estate Broker with Colorado Home Finder Realty and is definitely enjoying the roller coaster ride. She also loves finding great happy hour places with her husband, Shawn, and acting young and sometimes crazy with friends! She does not spend enough time outdoors (unless forced to) and comes up with any excuse to put off cleaning her chaotic house. She is very grateful for her completely imperfect life.

Words with Kids: Tackling the Teen Years

Ah, the glorious teen years. The magnificent, insanity inducing ages between 13 and 19. And in our case, my 21-year-old son is making me re-think the idea that 19 is the end of this...

COSMB Cares: Serving Our Community’s Senior Citizens

National Senior Citizens Day This observance day is on August 21st. President Ronald Reagan established the day in 1988 to raise awareness of supporting senior citizens with social, health, and economic issues. The day also...

Is Social Media Making You Anti-Social?

Social media was created to meet the innate human need to connect and to belong. However, sometimes it has the opposite effect. If we obsess over how many likes, followers, shares and comments a post receives, our self-esteem can suffer. We might start believing we are not popular or well liked. We are so much more than a computer-generated number!

COSMB Cares: May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

National Physical Fitness and Sports month was created to spread the word about the benefits of leading a more active lifestyle and encouraging everyone to make it a priority in their family. That means May...

Teaching My Son to Drive: How It Mirrors Parenting in General

He spent hours learning the rules of the road, yet froze when it came to understanding which car had the right of way. He didn't know how to handle it when an ambulance was approaching an intersection at the same time. Another time, he was so busy looking to the left on a right hand turn that he nearly clipped the curb to his right. What can prepare you for that? Experience. This is similar to how you can attempt to learn everything about parenting through books and talking to other parents. But that is impossible! Only through experiencing life with your child do you glean the knowledge on the best way to parent YOUR unique child.

Dazed and Confused. Or Is it Mom Distraction Disorder?

When we are so busy raising our little people and dealing with the ups and downs that they throw at us, sometimes our brains seem to disappear. I know you feel me, here. It begins with pregnancy (yes, scientists have proven that your brain actually shrinks during pregnancy). But this disorder continues on for years. And years.

COSMB Cares: February is American Heart Month

Did you know that the #1 killer of American women is heart disease, including stroke? A common misconception is that breast cancer is the leading cause of death. However, breast cancer kills approximately 1 in...

School Shootings: Let’s Unite Against Violence

I went to Columbine High School. Remember that name? It was the site of one of deadliest school shootings in American history. Two students killed 13 classmates, then committed suicide in the library. Most people remember...

Let’s Talk About Sex: The Benefits of Making It a Priority

To stay connected and to avoid this stand off, it's important to be open about our feelings and our needs. There is a better way to handle it than saying, "I have a headache" or "I'm just not in the mood" or thinking, "Let's get this over with." We need to be brave enough to tell our partners what we need.

COSMB Cares: Combating Human Trafficking and Youth Homelessness

Navigating through the teen and young adult years is stressful and confusing. Imagine if you also had to wonder where you would sleep that night and whether you would eat that day? Tragically, homelessness is...