Anna likes to think she’s rooted in the Wild, Wild West, as she was born in California and grew up in Colorado. She married a big-bearded Texan, and together they have a two-year-old daughter and a son due to arrive Summer 2018. She’s an easy crier, particularly when it comes to beautiful stories about people with a lot of heart, a lot of courage or a lot of character. Motherhood has affected her deeply and reinforced the importance of creating a life of intentionality and joy. She and her husband Chris love a good story, a good laugh, and a good song. You can find her on Instagram @annaclonts.
non toxic skincare

Nontoxic Skincare: A No-Brainer Shopping Guide

Want to move toward nontoxic skincare, but find it overwhelming? Most of us don’t have time to study ingredients, so I’ve compiled a list of online retailers that curate for us. These companies don’t...

An Empowered Birth: Why I Chose To Use a Midwife

“Are you pushing?!” My midwife, Emily, walked into my bedroom on a Sunday morning after receiving our call that it was time.  “Yes!” I said between breaths. I was kneeling on the floor with my...
peaceful home

Creating a Peaceful Home

Several friends have commented that our home is peaceful and relaxing. We have people in our house all the time and I’m not a perfectionist hostess, so this got me wondering about what makes...
chemical exposure

Chemical Exposure: Burned by Oven Cleaner

As I write this, my husband is in bed for the fourth day in a row, on oxygen and recovering from a significant chemical burn to his lungs and mucous membranes. He was strong,...

Research, Research, Research: The Age of the Over-Researched Mom

You’re a mom, and maybe you thought that being a mom was all about children. Well, it’s not. It’s about science. It’s about finding, reading, interpreting, and then sharing the original scientific research about...
beauty routine

The Everyday Mom’s Guide to Beauty

This beauty guide is for the everyday basic mom, living the everyday kind of life. It’s practical.  We want to feel and look our best every day. This doesn’t mean you look better than you’ve...

Dear Worry: No.

Last summer, we learned we were pregnant days before the doctors told my dad he had stage 4 cancer with weeks to live. Fast-forward six weeks. We found no heartbeat on the ultrasound only a few days before learning that Dad’s volleyball-size liver tumor was gone. Gone. We lost our precious baby, but got to keep my dad. With the same tears, I both grieved and celebrated.
self care

A Self Care Tune-Up

Ahh, self-care. It feels good, doesn’t it? It feels dutiful, responsible, and oh so Instagrammable. And it feels like at last, someone is thinking about me, even if it’s only me. The importance of...

How to Win at Craigslist

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. We love a good deal; we don’t love hassle. We love to make a buck on stuff we’re getting rid of, but...

When Joy Looked like a List: My Stress Test

It happened on the day that everyone needed everything. My babies woke up crying before 6:00 a.m. The attitudes, the crying, the  struggle with breastfeeding, my baby awake while my toddler slept and vice...