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Ashley is the managing editor/media relations director at Colorado Springs Moms Blog. This longtime reporter and freelancer loves working with the talented writers at COSMB. Ashley also creates content for City Mom Collective and takes on freelance writing and editing, as time allows. She spends spends her free time camping, traveling and skiing. Her website is
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A Convenient, Walk-In Option for Bone and Joint Injuries

 Injured? Sick? In pain? Trying to decide quickly where to seek medical attention can be stressful and complicated. The level of care and price vary widely, depending on the option you select. The three...

Notre Dame Cathedral is Burning; so are my Memories

Catastrophic, they say. Heartbreaking, I say. I visited what is arguably the world's most famous church during a summer foreign exchange program in high school. Notre Dame Cathedral is more than just a building...

Confessions of a Former Teen Vaping Addict

A family friend, Shaelynn, grew up around nicotine. Her mom smoked cigarettes and later vaped. Her older sisters eventually took up the habit. Then, one night when she was 13 or 14, the youngest girl...

Thinking Through the Consequences of a Big Consequence

No one says parenting is easy, but we make it harder on ourselves when we choose discipline that brings the whole family down. So… Next time you’re fuming, stop and think, “Will this punishment be a bigger headache for me than for my child?”

Bento Boxes: Why the Hype?

I admire those parents who craft each piece of food into a cute animal. But I will never be that parent. I buy things he likes (or things I think he might like) and put one small serving in each compartment. Sometimes, I cut them into bite sized pieces to add more speed to the lunchtime equation. The bento box allows him beloved social time with his friends AND plenty of time to eat his entire lunch.

2018 Guide to Fourth of July Fireworks and Activities

The Fourth of July is one of those minimum-stress, maximum-fun holidays. No gifts. No planning.  Just pack the family into the car for a day of fun at one of the dozens of great celebrations in...

Travel Colorado: Crested Butte

It’s spectacular during the other seasons, too. My husband and I left the kids at home for a long weekend in August. Our route took us over Kebler Pass, a two-lane, gravel road that traverses stunning Aspen stands. In Crested Butte, we hiked the wildflower-laden ski hills, watched mountain bikers and wandered the town.

Things I Will Say at My Mom’s Funeral

Before you balk, my mom has cheated death more times than I can count. She knows this. Everyone who knows her knows this. I joke with her all the time that I’ll be putting this...

Cirque du Soleil’s Crystal: Steel on Ice and in the Air

Her writing has changed her. "I am someone else," she says. She is fearless. She is strong. And she can change the world with her pen.

Military Merriment Top 12 Families

We realize that we received far more than 12 entries. And we wish we could give you all a weekend here. Every one of you deserves it. We at Colorado Springs Moms Blog appreciate you more than you know. So, for now, please simply accept our heartfelt "thank you" for what you do.