Bonnie is a former Air Force brat who hails from all over. Originally born in Nashville, Tennessee, Bonnie has lived in Alamogordo, New Mexico; Charleston, South Carolina; Biloxi, Mississippi; Eagle River, Alaska and finally settled in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2002. Currently a single, working mom, Bonnie has two boys 4 and 3 who are conveniently 14 months apart. When she’s not in the throes of juggling multiple roles you will mostly likely find Bonnie in the gym which is like a second home for her and is passionate about health and fitness. She is beyond thrilled to be a part of the incredible team at COSMB and is excited for the opportunity to connect with local mamas!

Dating After Divorce: Why Your New Relationship Feels So Different

You’ve made it. You’re through your divorce. You’ve come out on the other side and have begun to date someone new. You’ve made it official: you’re in a relationship. Perhaps you’ve noticed this relationship feels...

Going Back to Work: How It Changed Me

Now that my time with my boys is limited both by custody arrangements and work schedules, I really strive to have that quality over quantity interaction with my kids and feel they deserve a mama who’s going to be present over perfect.

It Will Be Okay: How To Support a Mama with Postpartum Depression

Days after my oldest was born, I found myself walking around in a fog. I was still recovering from a painful cesarean delivery—one I hadn't planned for or expected. I was trying to adjust...

Harvesting Memories: A Guide To Embracing the Crazy

I start to feel myself get frustrated and tell myself this was a bad idea. Then it hits me, like it so often does in those key mama moments. They're three and two and they're doing exactly what is expected of three and two year olds. They're exploring, learning, observing and especially, testing the patience of their mama.
mundane mom

My Best Days as a Mom: Embracing the Mundane

It took a conversation I had with a mom whose children had grown for it to come full circle for me. She mentioned if she could get time back with her young kids it wouldn’t be to attend the piano recital again or the Christmas play one more time. Rather, it would be to relive the little moments—snuggling in mom and dad’s bed to watch a movie or spontaneously playing hide and seek when my oldest shouts out where he’s hiding.

Target, Sweet Target: An Ode to Solo-Mama Shopping

Maybe she's like me and will take the time to actually (gasp) try something on in the fitting room just because I can, while sipping a coffee from the in-house Starbucks and nibbling on popcorn that I don't have to share with anyone.

How to Help Your Child Survive Preschool Jitters

To combat those fears and jitters our little ones (and their mamas) may experience when attending preschool for the first time, I wanted to share some of the things he and I have discussed. 

Mom Guilt and Mother’s Day: Why the Two Go Hand in Hand

Mom guilt. Before I had kids, I would feel guilty about something every so often. Now, I seem to feel guilty all of the time. I don't play with the kids enough. I played with the...

I Tried And Thought I Failed: What They Don’t Tell You About Breastfeeding

I hear it in your voice, and can see it in your eyes. A "successful" breastfeeding mom asks "Did you breast or bottle feed?" You avoid eye contact, lower your head and whisper "I...

Why It’s Absolutely Okay To Have A Happy Place

Being a mom of two boys under two is not for the faint of heart. Before I had kids I would always hear how tough motherhood was. And stubborn me would always think in...