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At Co Springs Mom Collective we are passionate about parenting, community and the city of Colorado Springs. We strive to provide moms with relevant, timely and fun information about all things mom here in the Colorado Springs area.
Egg Hunt FI

Co Springs Moms Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Colorado Springs families may not be able to attend some of our favorite Easter egg hunts this year, but with a little help from our local neighbors, we can go on an adventure while...
toilet paper

Flush, Flush, Baby (But Only Toilet Paper!)

In December, my husband and I went to a white elephant party. We ended up with a gag gift unlike any I had seen before: three giant industrial rolls of Charmin toilet paper and...
Holiday Guide FI

2019 Guide To The Holidays In Colorado Springs

Nothing beats the holidays in Colorado Springs.  Sparkling snow. Festivals. Families spending precious time together. There’s no end to the fun that the holiday season brings to our beautiful city. So, we have compiled the ultimate...

Guide To Colorado Springs Photographers

As mothers, it's safe to say that some of our most treasured possessions are family photographs. New babies, family milestones, special achievements, momentous occasions: we love the opportunity to beautifully capture these memories. There...
baby clothes

5 Steps to Help You Shop For Baby Clothes

It can feel downright impossible to find the perfect baby clothes when you’re out shopping for a newborn. There are outrageously cute designer outfits that might never get worn (or break the bank) and...
Postpartum Hypertension

UCHealth Ask an Expert: Postpartum Hypertension

When you choose UCHealth for your labor and delivery, you have access to some of the top obstetric providers in the country, as well as specially trained nurses who provide expertise, compassion and comfort based on...
mox shoes

Mox Shoes: The Perfect Colorado Shoe {plus a Discount Code}

Colorado is infamous for flip flops, even in January. Sure, it snows here, but it also melts fast. I am a die hard flip flop fan, but sometimes I need to step up my...

What You Might Not Know About Ankle Sprains

Nearly 45 million children around the United States play organized sports, making foot and ankle injuries increasingly common. In fact, these injuries make up nearly one third of visits to sports medicine clinics. Ankle...
summer guide

The Ultimate Guide to Summer in Colorado Springs

Ready for sunny days? Lazy evenings? Finding new fun in our lovely city? Here is your Ultimate Guide to Summer in Colorado Springs. We've compiled a list of Vacation Bible Schools. And food trucks. And...

Farmer’s Markets in Colorado Springs

Farmer's markets are an integral part of summer in Colorado Springs. Fresh, local fruit and veggies. Crafts and other goods from local artisans. There's nothing like buying local, straight from the farmers and artists...