Cory is a 28 year old transplant from Minnesota. She currently lives with her husband of 7 years and their two beautiful girls; Kinley and Khyran. They have two dogs also; a Papillon named Raydar and a Bernese Mountain Dog named Jameson. She enjoys spending time with her family, writing, volunteering, and exploring the beautiful state of Colorado. She is passionate about advocating for equal rights for those with disabilities, learning and teaching about motherhood from a wheelchair, and educating others on disability-life in general. As a family, they enjoy the outdoors, sporting events (specifically hockey and baseball), reading, eating out, and finding new adventures.

Taming My Addiction to Being Busy

I’m a mom to two little girls; ages 5 and 1 year. I’m a wife to my husband of 7 years. We have two dogs and a kitten. I’m also an employer, a blogger,...

View from a Wheelchair: Living in a World that Wasn’t Made for Me

Imagine you’re out to dinner with your family and strangers come up to sympathize with “how hard it must be” for your husband to care for the kids on his own. This is despite that fact that you’re the one who birthed them, and you’re an equally important and active part in their lives. Or imagine a stranger telling your spouse how it’s absolutely astounding that he hasn’t walked out on you yet due to your “problems.”

Enduring (Not Suffering) a Disability

To me, that's saying that sure, my legs are essentially wet noodles, and my lungs kinda suck at being lungs—but, I'm alive. And my mind is still sharp. Well, less sharp after having two babies, but still... I get to wake up and spend my days with my two beautiful babies. I get to enjoy my relationship with my wonderful husband. This gorgeous state? I get to explore it. I get to taste delicious food. And I get to play with our two hilarious doggies.