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Guest Writer
Are you interested in being a guest writer for Co Springs Mom Collective? If you're local and you're a mom (or have awesome relevant information for local moms), we'd love to hear your ideas! Email us at info (at) cospringsmom (dot) com.
growth mindset

7 Steps to Establishing a Growth Mindset

We are born with an innate desire and unlimited capacity for learning. When we come into this world, we are a blank slate. We discover interests, form ideas and develop skills in response to...

On Motherhood and Wholeness

Crunch. I bit into the crisp apple and juice sprayed onto my cheek. I looked at the round heft in my hand. Suddenly I wondered how long had it been since I had bitten...
santa claus

Santa Claus Explained: A Letter from our Elf to our Older Children

Perhaps one of the hardest conversations we have with our young children is that of Santa Claus. After years of fostering the notion that he travels the world in one night with his magnificent...
dad's perspective

A Dad’s Perspective: Three Lessons I’ve Learned From Raising a Two Year Old

I realized the other day – as my daughter screamed, “I want my breakfast, daaaddyyy!” while I was changing her poopy diaper – that I had entered a different realm of living. While I’m...

Screen-Free Snow Day Activities

Snow days are widely acknowledged to be the longest days of the year for parents. Sure, kids can play in the snow, but often times the snow prep outlasts the snow play. Then the...

Phone-Free Friday Morning

Don’t get me wrong... I LOVE taking photos and videos of my kids. I snap snap snap all the time. I touch ‘em up with VSCO and Snapseed.  I even took a Skillshare class...

How to Flip YOUR House

  Would you enjoy your house more if you made a few changes? Maybe you don't know where to start? My wife, Anna, and I have flipped 2 personal homes in the last 5 years and...
Grandparent Safe Sleep Practices for Babies

Talking to Grandparents About Safe Sleep Practices for Your Baby

At the Colorado Department of Human Services’ Office of Early Childhood, we recommend that you talk about safe sleep practices with everyone who provides care for your baby, including your child care provider, the...

Motherhood: Do What You Can, When You Can

A young mama’s day often feels like a frenzied game of Simon Says: Get everyone dressed! Feed the little people! Clean the floor! Untangle the rope! Change a diaper! Offer a snack! Read a book! Pack for swimming lessons! Pull chicken out of the freezer to thaw! Sweep the floor! Go on a walk! Potty break! At the end of the day (if we aren’t too exhausted to surrender to sleep immediately) our minds replay regrets, wondering how we could have done better, been more effective, spoken kinder. Tasks still on the to-do list taunt us. I can stop the nightly low-light reel in my head by reminding myself that I did what I could, when I could, with what I had in the moment.

A Fond Farewell to Colorado Springs

My family had only spent three days in Colorado Springs before our family of six moved here from across the country. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Colorado was BEAUTIFUL. I knew that. But...