Dana has lived in Colorado for the last 17 years. She met her husband, Ben, in Boulder and they made the move to Colorado Springs. Together, they are busy raising two children. Dana is the Director of Meeting the Challenge, Inc., a national disability compliance consulting firm. She is an active community volunteer and has served several boards. When she is not working, Dana can be found cheering on her son and daughter's travel hockey teams at area ice rinks. She enjoys spending time hiking in the mountains with her Vizsla, raising backyard chickens, and cheering on her Alma Mater's Michigan State Spartans!

COSMB Cares: Disability Awareness Month

A year ago, this month, I became the Director of the Rocky Mountain ADA Center. 'ADA' stands for Americans with Disabilities Act (not the American Dental Association or the Americans with Diabetes Association!). I...

Getting Back to School

This past year, even grandma got involved! My retired mother has extra time on her hands and ended up in my daughter’s class on a weekly basis. Having this extension of our family in the school and participating only strengthened our tie to the school. Now, grandma and grandpa have a better idea of what my kids are learning. This translates into more engaging conversation between them and a stronger bond.

Career or Family?

Not only was I neglecting my family and friends, I was neglecting myself. I fretted and I lost sleep. I was tired… so, so tired. Some time away from my career allowed me to refocus on what is truly important in my life. Around the kids, I was much more relaxed. I could contribute more to the family by making sure the house was in order. I became much more present, but I still craved meaningful employment.

A Lesson in Judgment

I’m so proud of my kids and their lack of judgment towards others. At one point, after handing a sack to a man who was fixing his bike, my son said “He didn’t have any fingers. I bet it’s hard for him to fix his bike.” He wasn’t afraid, he didn’t mention this man’s dirty clothes or unkempt hair. He felt empathy towards him, simply noting the difficulty he might encounter completing an ordinary task.

What I Learned After a Month of Sobriety

I decided to take a month off of drinking in January. There wasn’t a single experience or some sort of event that made me want to become a teetotaler. Rather, I’d noticed over the...

Resolving to Feel

So often I enter a new year with high hopes that it will be the “best ever.” I’ll leave the drama behind, cut out negativity, good things will manifest and all my worries will fade...

The Truth About Lying About Santa Claus

My heart broke. I was not prepared for this conversation. Didn't we have at least one more season of holiday cheer and magic ahead?! I quickly came up with a plan to minimize the damage. I told him that he was now part of a very exclusive and secret club.

Save Time and Money by Grocery Shopping Online

As we settle back into the routine of the school-year, our family is busier than ever. There are after-school obligations and after-work obligations. With all the rushing around and varying schedules, it can seem...

Keep Calm and Drive On

Have I mentioned that Pecos, NM, has the lousiest cell coverage ever? I attempted to get my husband on phone, which was like the old cell phone commercial – “Can you hear me now?” NO. This is where I would normally lose my cool and breakdown. I might get snarky and rude. I might cry. But I had no other option but to remain composed and calm, for the sake of my kids. I had to figure out what to do next.
Mom who cusses

Oops I Did it Again – Confessions of a Mom who Cusses

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a mouth like a sailor. I had always thought that I’d tone down my choice of words when I had children, but it’s become quite the opposite.