Danielle was born and raised on Long Island, NY. She married a handsome country boy from Idaho and together they moved out to Colorado for a new adventure. Ten years later, they have 3 children, ages 6, 4 and 16 months. Though she sometimes misses the beaches and the Italian bakeries back east, her daily view of snowcapped mountains and the piercing blue sky remind her that she wouldn't want to live anywhere else. She reads cookbooks for fun and loves getting creative in the kitchen. A musician at heart, she can't walk by a grand piano without sitting down and playing for as long as those around her will let her. Her favorite thing to do with her little ones is snuggle under a quilt with them and read through a fresh stack of library books. She hopes her life will reflect the things she values most- her faith, family and friends (both the flesh ones and the TV show).
Christmas Traditions

5 Ideas for Local Christmas Traditions your Family will Love

Looking for new local Christmas traditions to add to your repertoire? Let's get right into it: 1. Forest Bend I had the privilege of attending the soft opening for Forest Bend and I'm so excited...

4 Simple Ways to Jazz up Eggs for Dinner

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A Wrinkle in Time: The Art of Aging

"Should I be using eye cream?" I asked a friend recently, realizing that it might be time. She shrugged, "I guess so? I need to find one. I'm getting crow's feet already!"  Small Signs of Aging The...

How Speeding Up May be the Key to Slowing Down

The Truth Let me start by saying, I am not a runner. I do not own fancy sneakers, and the clothes I wear to run are pretty basic. I don't exactly track my distance or...
portable lunch ideas

Portable Lunch Ideas for Summer Adventures On-the-Go

Last year, our summer was filled with a plethora of park meet ups, zoo trips, pool visits and hikes. My kids and I thrive on all of this adventuring, but I was rapidly losing...

6 Tips to Help You Slay this Year’s Resolutions

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Soup on the Fly: Your Emergency Winter Guide

I've lost count of how many times I have carefully planned a week's worth of meals for my family, but when the day comes to make the pre-scheduled dinner, my motivation dwindles. Usually, it's...

Holiday Hair (in Under 5 Minutes)

So, you have RSVP'd for a few holiday parties and even bought a couple of cute outfits. But you have NO IDEA what to do with your hair! Colorado Springs Moms Blog contributor Danielle...

4 Tips on How to Not Lose your Mind this Holiday Season

It was the day after Christmas, and her home looked like Chuck-E-Cheese. There were games and toys with flashing lights, crumbled popcorn in the carpet, and shreds of wrapping paper strewn about the living...

Words with Kids: 5 Social Skills Your Kids Need YOU To Model

Learning to listen is not an easy task. I still find it challenging at times, and I can't just blame it on my enneagram type. I'm not talking about powering through Transformers tangent #84 for the day when it's wine o'clock and the kids should be in bed. What I'm talking about is really listening to the things they're saying to you. I'm talking about not asking the question until you're ready to receive the answer.