Elayne is a food/photography aficionado, an award-winning author and blessed momma of three fantastic teens.  Simplicity, nature and encouraging the hearts of women is what lights Elayne up from the inside out.  She shares her heart through recipes, photos, life lessons and more at www.sharingourlifeloveandfood.com.

Never Squelch a Child’s Dream

If someone has told a child that they cannot “be” something, guess what? They believe it. Those negative seeds are implanted in their heart and mind. When adversity rears its ugly head, they will recall those words and convince themselves that they cannot do or be something.

Company is Coming: All-Time Most Popular Recipe for Busy Moms

What's for Dinner? Let’s face it, we all need that one "no fear" recipe in our arsenal that we go to when company is coming.  No more panicking or fretting about likes, dislikes, allergies, gluten-free, how...

Choosing People Over Things

Slowly but surely, hand-held devices are infiltrating and controlling our lives and conversations.  A ring here, a ping there, and then an audible silence, luring our attention away from a real-time conversation toward a lifeless...
Foolproof Cookies

Foolproof Holiday Cookies: Creating Holiday Baking Magic with Kids

Holidays are such a great time to get your kids in the kitchen baking holiday cookies and other treats. Sharing the baking experience with your family and children is how memories are made.    It’s where...

Bringing People Together for Soup Sunday

We don’t ask anyone to bring anything other than themselves.  Most people are relieved to not have another thing on their to-do list. They walk in with a sort of a relaxed swagger and grin on their face—just happy and grateful to take part and be taken care of for a couple of hours.
motherhood career

The Unspoken Career of Motherhood

Do I feel the need to validate myself and explain my career decision with past accolades and honors to reassure myself and others of my choice? Not anymore. I used to apologize and dismiss the very notion of this choice, but now that I'm deep into the teen years with my three kids, the value of motherhood and what I offer and contribute has seeped into my bones.  
Mean Moms

Calling out Mean Moms: Wear the Title Proudly

By Day 3, they started to come around.  They woke up happy and I smugly thought to myself, "Pat on the back mom, they needed this as much as you did. Way to stand your ground."

Time Flies: Make Each Day Count

Ask yourself the following question: How will I spend the next 50 birthdays? We spend countless hours planning and celebrating our kids’ birthdays, but rarely take a moment to think of our own.
What I learned going on a digital detox

What I Learned Going On A Digital Detox

Who do you spend more time with….your device or your family? Take a hard and fast look at how much time you are spending turning to a device instead of your loved ones. In a 2017...
mother's day

What We All Need This Mother’s Day: It’s Not What You Think

In honor of this Mother’s Day, I have something powerful to tell you.   You don’t need a card, you don’t need the "I Love You’s", you don’t need the gifts, you don’t need the...