Emily is a Colorado Springs native who is passionate about volunteering and community engagement. She currently serves on the board of Teen Court and works for the Rocky Mountain ADA Center. Her pre-teen daughter, Amelia, keeps her busy, challenged and entertained. Emily is a self-proclaimed nerd and spends time reading, going to shows, playing games and exploring Colorado. She is obsessed with otters and soft pretzels and is a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society. She hopes to inspire and inform other young, single mothers and to be a resource for any parent in a non-traditional family. Emily is a brand new aunt and you better believe she’s going by “Auntie Em.”

Baby’s First Therapist

A few weeks ago, my one and only child turned 12 years old. As we all know, kids at this age go through changes so fast we can barely keep up. I’ve enjoyed watching...
books new year

Books to Kick Off the New Year

For me, the new year represents an ending and a beginning. After celebrating the accomplishments of the previous year, I turn my attention to what I want out of the year to come. While...
gamer moms

Gamer Moms: A Peek at My Favorite Video Games

My name is Emily. I'm a mom. And one of my favorite pastimes is playing video games! I know there are other gamer moms out there, so I want to share a few of...
single mom self-care

Single Mom Self-Care

Like many mothers, I have a bad habit of putting myself last and prioritizing everyone above myself. On top of that, I'm the sole parent to an incredible kid. Over the years, I have...
leaving kids home alone

Let’s Get Real: Leaving Kids Home Alone

It's important that we let our guards down and have an honest conversation about the more controversial parts of parenting—things like leaving kids home alone. It always benefits us to consider other perspectives. Even...

Surviving Puberty… Again

My first and only child is currently deep in the throes of puberty. For my daughter, it started around age 8 and will end by the time she’s 14, as it does for most...