Evelyn and her husband have four wonderful young children. She is a stay-at-home mom who is passionate about {good} coffee, living in a small home, faith, mothering well, and earth tones. When the house is relatively tidy and quiet, Evelyn blogs about intentionally living small at Smallish.
10 stages of dinner

The Ten Stages of Dinner With Kids

Feeding children is often way harder than it should be. Our family is blessed with four children, ages 5 and under, so relative pandemonium is something to which we are accustomed. Somehow meals magnify...

3 Tips to Prepare Siblings for a New Baby

Bringing a new baby into the family packs quite the emotion-punch. Oh, all the emotions: Joy. Sadness. Fear. Just-let-me-sleep. (That's an emotion, right?) Elation. Contentedness. Anxiety. And that's all in a matter of just...

Help for Mothers Who Struggle with Mommy Anger

Hi. I'm Evelyn, and I struggle with Mommy Anger. Yes, it's a real thing and I'm not alone. A great many, great mothers out there wrestle with getting angry at their children, too. Mommy Anger is not a...

To the Mom Who Lives in a Small Home

  This goes out to all the moms out there who live in a small home... and maybe wish it was larger: Hi. Do you need a hug? That might be weird. So here's a...
favorite places in Colorado Springs

My Favorite Outdoor Places in Colorado Springs

I'm a CO girl at the core and adore living on the west side of Colorado Springs. This amazing city just keeps getting cooler, but the best part of the Springs hasn't changed in...

How to Give Kids a Healthy View of Failure

"Mommy, what does "fail" mean?" my redheaded son asked me as I slathered aloe vera over his warm, lobster-hued back.  I had neglected to apply sunscreen before he played outside and in my ocean of...

Before 8 a.m. on Saturday {Evelyn}

I've always been an obnoxious morning person. I can't help it. I love the quiet possibility of a new day, the color of sunrise and a steaming cup to wrap my hands around. And...

How to Create More Celebration Everyday

The idea of a celebration sometimes intimidates me. After all, the movies portray celebrations as elaborate parties: loud music, dancing, fancy appetizers, detailed decorations. Or on the other side- wild, booze-filled brawls . Neither...

How White Middle Class Moms Can Combat Racism

I'm not one for strong language, but it's been one hell of a month for the U.S. The events of last week brought new vigor to the discussion of racism in America, and the torment of division cannot...

Best Coffee in Downtown Colorado Springs

Drinking coffee is one of my favorite things to do. Not only does it keep me going as a busy mama to young ones, but I simply love the taste. I also appreciate the...