Gerry is a military wife, and mother to identical twin boys, Gabriel and Gideon (born July 2017). Gerry is a first generation Vietnamese-American that was born and raised in Belmont, North Carolina. Some would say she has southern sass and a little twang to prove it. As graduate from the University of South Carolina (Go Gamecocks!) in 2012 with a degree in Mass Communications & Journalism, Gerry found her passion to be marketing which led her down a career path of multiple senior marketing roles, from non-profit to corporate marketing. After giving birth to her babies, she gave up her 9-5 to be a stay-at-home mom and was fortunate enough to be brought on as the Social Media Marketing Manager for Mountain Air Marketing here in Colorado Springs. Her family relocated to the area in January, and though they're typically beach lovers, they cannot get enough of the Springs. Though they have our hands full with their twins and their fur-baby, Murdock, they still find time to hike, explore and their favorite hobby- visit local breweries.

Parenting for Two with Two

What did I get myself into? To make a long story short, we met and got married in six months. We had twins. We moved across the country, and then duty called. We're a military...

5 Words of Advice for the Military Spouse

Fall is here, and that means something different for our military friends and family. It means another season of deployments and trainings are starting. It's not that this time of the year means that deployments...

To My Best Friend from Another Life

I've learned that the military puts strain on relationships and that sometimes it takes more than it gives. I think it's easier to blame the military for our lost friendship than it is to believe that we chose this. There are days that I wish we could swallow our pride and accept the apologies we'll never give each other. There are times that I wish I could call you and hear that familiar voice. Days that I would love to smother your baby in cuddles and hear about how being a mom is going. It's hard to believe that we're both mothers, and even harder to believe our kids will never be friends.

Making Mom Friends

You're going to judge. They're going to judge. It's human nature. You'll find yourself questioning everything. Does she like me? Are our personalities connecting? Do we have the same taste in food? Is it weird to ask for her number? Do I wait a couple days to text her? Even though you're not really dating, it's going to feel awkward. Especially if you're out of practice and you'll quickly remember what it's like to put yourself out there.

Stay-At-Home Mom: Expectation vs. Reality

I've learned that it means I gave up one title for a dozen others, but anything that's worth having requires work. I am blessed with the opportunity to be at home with my children, and watch them grow up.