Gretchen, Senior Writer

Gretchen has lived in Colorado since she was 12 and never wants to leave. She has a 13-year-old son who is into having a good time, especially with sports and Fortnite. Together, they are navigating the teen world of puberty and growing up. She has a wonderful husband, having been surprised and blessed with a second chance at love. Their family enjoys playing board games, watching Avengers movies, and sharing dumb jokes over good food. In her free time, she loves to read, shop for purses, play games, watch football, laugh with her family, cook delicious food, and dream of the next home improvement project.
Bad Day

You and a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Consider taking the shortest path to bedtime. The maze of dinner eating, bath taking, tooth brushing, hair combing and story reading can be overwhelming on even the happiest of days. This may be a good evening to let my son skip a bath or not wash his hair. If it won’t make a difference tomorrow, I can skip it, and fast forward to bedtime snuggles.

Reading Aloud: Why Do We Do It?

Out of everything I do during a single day, there’s one thing that is my absolute favorite: reading. I’ve been reading since age five and have read thousands of books by now. I was so excited...

Progress over Perfection: Confessions a Failure

Life is full of ups and downs. Some days, we are able to stick to the best choices for ourselves. And other days, we are muddling through and hoping for the best. Both days count towards your goals. This journey is not about perfection; it's about making progress toward your goals. Sometimes, my progress is slow, but I keep moving in the right direction.

Your Move: Family Game Night Favorites

My son started playing games around three years old. We started simply with Tic-Tac-Toe and memory match. It wasn’t long before he was beating me at memory on a regular basis. We progressed to Candyland quickly and learned colors. Then came Chutes and Ladders and counting spaces.
co-parenting holidays

Boo Hoo Hoo: Co-Parenting Through Shared Holidays

Don't plan to opt out of all holiday activities simply because your children are away. Plan to be part of a larger celebration with friends or other family members. Visit your place of worship. Attend that party. Wear that ugly Christmas sweater. Put out milk and cookies for Santa. Exchange Valentine's Day notes with your coworkers. Invite a neighbor for pumpkin pie.

Welcome to Divorce with Kids: Co-Parenting Tips

Divorce doesn’t ever go away. Somehow, though, while we sift through our own feelings, we have to find a way to effectively co-parent our children with someone who may, at times, feel like our greatest enemy.

Yes, I Let My Son Play Tackle Football

At about age five, my son started showing an interest in football. At that point, I was against it. What changed my mind? Education. Instead of researching car seat safety, I was researching helmet technology and fitting guidelines.
gray hairs and other things I refuse to feel bad about

Gray Hairs and Other Things I Refuse to Feel Bad About

I’m closing in on 40. I have long believed that the 30’s are the best decade, but am starting to wonder if my 40’s may be even better. The longer I live, the less...

Life Changing Dollar Store Do’s and Don’ts for Any Mom

One of the most fascinating places in town to shop is the Dollar Tree. With an ever-changing rotation of items, you never know exactly what - or who - you’ll see there. Sure, the...

Sorting Through the Stuffies: How to Clean Out Your Child’s Stuffed Animals

My son has a considerable mass of stuffed animals. The majority of them have names, personalities and voices. They have been to parties, on spy missions, and many sleepovers. Some even have changeable superhero...