Hannah is originally from Texas but she grew up here in Colorado. She was raised on the magic of Disney, the value of reading, the whimsy of imagination and the power of community.  She is passionate about empowering people, especially moms to have confidence in who they are and who they are created to be. She has loved utilizing the CrossFit gym her husband and her own as a vessel to enable people to pursue health in all facets of life.  They have two kids, Lucy who is almost 3 and Lincoln who is 7 months old. Hannah loves writing and has always used that avenue to relax and discover. She is so excited for this opportunity to write and be a part of this incredible community!
weight lifting

Raising the Bar: Four Reasons Women Should Be Weight Lifting

Ever find yourself wondering how to get stronger, fitter or leaner? The missing ingredient to your workout just might be weight lifting.  As a gym owner, fitness coach and life-long athlete, I have seen women shy...

1,000 Hours Outside in Colorado Springs

What better place to spend time outdoors than beautiful Colorado Springs? Our city cozies up to one of America’s most beautiful mountains, Pikes Peak. Glancing at the peak rising up from the eastern edge...

How To Feel And Look Your Best!

Do you want to look and feel your best? Who doesn’t? Simply put - Eating healthy is the most powerful way to accomplish looking and feeling your best. When I say eating healthy I mean...

Why do the Whole30 as a Family?

Why do the Whole30? I’ll give it to you straight. Completing the Whole30 as a family is tough, but doable.  The rules are simple: No grains, gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, alcohol, legumes or specific additives for 30...
diy beauty

10 Natural (Easy & Inexpensive) DIY Beauty Remedies You Need This Fall

I care about healthy eating and what I put in my body, but I also care about what I put on my body. I’m sure a lot of you, do as well. Did you...

18 Life-Changing Books

Where are all my book lovers at? Fellow readers and life-long learners, this list is for you. I don't know about you, but it is impossible for me to choose my favorite book. So I've...
health tips

10 Health Tips for Busy Mamas

I've got 10 simple, game-changing health tips for you today. When done consistently, these things can radically change your life. I know, that's a big promise. And I get it — adding anything to this amazing...

6 Popular Diets that Can Help You Look and Feel Your Best!

Which of these 6 popular diets can help you look and feel your best? Read on for details about each, plus my tips for healthy eating! “You're off to Great Places! Today is your day!...

Let’s Talk Detox

I've been thinking a lot about health, wellness, happiness and... detox during this pandemic season. And it's got me thinking about Barbie... well, kind of. Do you remember the Barbie Girl song by Aqua? “I'm a Barbie...
Small Business

A Love Letter to the Small Business

To all small business owners, It's never easy building something from scratch — starting with nothing but a dream, a goal, and determination. It takes guts and grit.  I see you. I'm one of you. I...