Ime Lopez is a transplant to Colorado Springs from the urban jungle of New York City. She is the doting mother to two funny and lively youngsters who keep her guessing and reaching for that box of hair color. Ime has practiced public interest law for nearly two decades, specializing in housing and education rights, making good, necessary trouble along the way. When she isn't trying to right the world's wrongs, she can be found enjoying 70s jams and world music, watching some good Nollywood or crunching on ice from Chick-fil-A.

“I’m Bored!” A Season of Lulling, A Season of Learning

Unprecedented time. Life upended. Interruptions and delays. Lulls. The new normal. These words and phrases have become prominent in our conversations this year. We grapple with the challenges of a pandemic and all of our...

Introducing New COS Mom Contributor Ime Lopez

I grew up on two different continents, in two contending cultures. I'm a recent single mom raising some fantastic little humans.  A public interest lawyer and advocate for the vulnerable. An unapologetic lover of...