Jennifer Polopolus-Meredith

I am married to a wonderful cook named Bret(Thank goodness because I love to eat but not cook). I have two boys that started Kindergarten and Pre-school this year. I am thankful they are fed at school as they try to eat us out of house and home. We love to hike, game, swim, watch Bluey and anything with Superheroes and read. Currently, I teach history at Southern New Hampshire University online. Summer and Fall are my favorite seasons as I love the heat but also watching the leaves change and the nights turn crisp. Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays, and my house is decorated from September to the New Year.
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Halloween Decorations: Cheap and Safe for Littles

Halloween Decorations I love Halloween. My family has decorations up by September 1st (yes, we are that family). I do not take them down until after Thanksgiving (when I replace them with Christmas ones). I...