Jenny grew up in South Dakota, right by Mt. Rushmore, but is now firmly rooted in Colorado Springs with her husband and their two going on twelve year old daughter. She works in water engineering/water law and helps to ensure Colorado Springs residents have water for the next fifty years. When she finds spare time she loves lingering over good food with family and friends, being over ambitious with creative pursuits, playing piano, and reading.
children's books

Children’s Books You Won’t Mind Reading Over and Over (and Over) Again

A preschool teacher once told me that reading the same children's books over and over again was really important to help little ones grasp meaning and learn to read. She did follow that up...

Why Old-Fashioned Crafting is Making a Comeback

Why buy when you can create? DIY is the trend. And that has spurred a resurgence in old-fashioned crafting like calligraphy and hand lettering, embroidery, painting, knitting and refurbishing furniture. Interestingly, the social media posts...
holiday birthday

Celebrate Holiday Birthdays!

In American family culture, the days between Thanksgiving and the New Year are a whirlwind. Decorating, concerts, end of year tests, holiday parties, family gatherings, shopping, wrapping, baking, showing appreciating for everyone from the...
high-altitude chocolate chip cookie

Jenny’s High-Altitude Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Living more than a mile high above sea level makes baking a special challenge. Cakes fall, cookies spread, baking times are So. Much. Longer. Each round with the mixer is a gamble. After baking at...
prepare for grief

Can You Prepare for Grief?

One of my favorite lines from fiction is “I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” Like Anne of Green Gables, I love Octobers. I love the soft light filtering...
Hearing Aids

I Can Hear You Now: My Journey to Hearing Aids!

Two months ago, I got hearing aids and I mostly LOVE them. I've wanted hearing assistance since I was 5 years old and first learned that my hearing was pretty bad. I was never...

Swim Safety: Why It’s Important for Kids AND Adults

My mom is terrified of water. She grew up on farm in the middle of the prairie and didn't really have the opportunity to learn to swim. Honestly, she didn't really need to learn....

Second Time Around: Infertility Doesn’t Get Easier

I have less desire to carve out time from my full-time job to go to countless appointments where I try, and fail, to modestly cover myself in a too-small paper drape in preparation for physically intrusive examinations. Where even though my doctor's office is filled with caring professionals I leave feeling more like a broken incubator than a person.

Weird and Wonderful World of 40

I recently hit my milestone birthday of 40. People generally take a bit to reflect on life when they hit milestone birthdays. I certainly have. I'm several months in, and I have to say...

STEM Mama: Remind Girls that They are Capable of Anything

I work in a very male-dominated field as an engineer. Science. Technology. Engineering. Math. STEM. Although it is much more common to see more women around the table at meetings now than it was...