A native of Michigan, journalism grad of the University of Colorado at Boulder, and recent escapee of Florida, Julie made her plans to move to Colorado Springs nearly 30 years ago after repeatedly visiting her college roommate’s hometown to do her laundry. She succeeded in 2012, bringing her twin boys, four dogs, six cats, a horse and her husband in a cross-country trip that rivaled The Fast and The Furious. Her past work includes an eight-year stint as the Dining Editor and features writer for Tampa Bay Illustrated, numerous corporate writing gigs and a recent feature in Colorado Collective. In her free time, she forces her family to hike slot canyons in Utah.
not my toy story

Not My Toy Story: Decluttering and Decoding Childhood Toys and Treasures

Recently, my husband and I have taken up time travel in an attempt to convert our basement playroom's past to a future hangout for our teens. It’s an agonizing process—every childhood toy, book, stuffed...
behind the wheel

Stop! In the Name of Love: Behind the Wheel with your Teenager

A child’s miraculous growth is a subject of wonder for all mothers. It begins with pregnancy and charges forth in a flurry of firsts: First time sleeping through the night, first birthday, first steps,...

Who Let the Dogs Out? Confessions of a dog hoarder…oops, animal lover.

We have a pretty archetypal household; married with two children (albeit they are twins), a comfortable ranch home in a nice neighborhood with two cars in the garage and a big backyard. It’s a...
road less traveled

Taking the Road Less Traveled

"Two roads diverged in a woods, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." ~ Robert Frost There’s nothing I love better than taking a cross-country...
Teenage years

Ghost Parenting the Teen Years

Like midnight ghosts, we hide in our cars, trade secrets at night, and text when no one is looking. We are the parents of teens.  We are invisible. It doesn’t happen overnight. We slowly start to...
Resolutions and Regret

When Regrets Become Resolutions

I’m not a resolute gal. Some would describe me as pretty laid back. Chill. But inside my head, there is some level of shoulda, woulda, coulda—not just on the precipice of the New Year,...

Happy Anniversary, You Turkey!

Thirty-one years ago my husband and I decided to tie the knot on Thanksgiving. In a different country. Back then the term “destination wedding” had not been invented. We just wanted to do something different...

The Mother Channel: Intuition on Demand

Every year my twins, now 14, and I set out on a summer pilgrimage to visit my mother at our extended family home on northern Lake Michigan. It can be a remarkably boring 25-hour...

If I Only Had a Brain… Or an Oboe…

My husband recently mused that simply being a teenager is a form of mental illness. Normally, I may have laughed, but since he’s a psychologist, I had to think: “What if that’s true and...

Advanced Maternal Age. Denial. Twins. (And Mar-a-Lago.)

I waited a long time to get pregnant. Too long apparently, because once I began the process of fertility treatments at the age of 36, my chart proclaimed, “advanced maternal age.” Wait, what? Thirty-six just didn’t...