Kate is a Hoosier by birth but knew in her mid-teens that she’d live near the mountains. In college she spent a glorious summer in Colorado Springs volunteering at Glen Eyrie and vowed she’d come back somehow. She's now lived at the foot of Pikes Peak for more than a decade. She and her husband and two boys live downtown in a home almost as old as the city itself. Kate attempts to garden in her free time, making a commitment to grow something strange and new each year. So far luffa sponges, quinoa, and various pumpkins have fed nothing but the squirrels. Prior to staying home with her boys, Kate wrote and edited for a nonprofit that transformed the lives of children all over the world. She is passionate and nerdy and is continually surprised at the joy she has found in this season of motherhood.

Welcome to the Momconomy, Where Generosity Abounds

It had been a while since I had been blessed by the generosity of another mom. But there was my friend with a bag full of clothes. "I noticed the holes in the knees...

Mama Hacks For The Sick Season: What’s In My GO Bin

Last night, my oldest woke me in my least favorite way: with a wail and the sound of repeated retching. I was with him in a flash, but cursed my lack of preparation. We...

#Momfail, No More

  I am truly curious: how often do you share your mom mistakes? When you have a #momfail moment, do you broadcast it to a select group of fellow mama/warriors? Or do you keep it...

When The Latest School Shooting Is In Your Hometown

My sister called me first, choking up as she relayed the details and raced back to her job at the high school from an off-site meeting. The words she uttered stopped me cold: there...

The Quickest Way To A Capsule Wardrobe (No Pinterest Required)

The numbers on the scale look familiar, too, so you gamely pull out the giant bin of pre-pregnancy clothes, eager to find your old jeans and favorite tops. The cruelty of this capsule should not be underestimated. You might be close to your target weight, but your body was completely rearranged and may not settle back into the same shape.

Our Gift To You: Some Merry Music

Perhaps you, too, are in need of some great Christmas music. If so, I hope you enjoy the playlist below. It includes some of my favorites along with some from my fellow Colorado Springs Moms Blog contributors and friends. May these new takes on quintessential holiday tunes encourage thoughtful moments, impromptu dance parties, and boundless energy for the tasks-at-hand.

Toddlers Are Not My Wheelhouse (And That’s Okay)

If I'm honest, this season of toddlers feels too long, too raw, and too close to every single source of insecurity I have. It feels endless and personal. Every meltdown, angry response, or missed potty-training cue (so many missed potty training cues) makes me feel like a failure at the only job I have right now. 

Being Mindful of the Unseen: Below the Surface of Motherhood

It finally happened -- months of tension finally spilled over, right in the middle of Costco. And the further we walked through the store, the worse I felt (which, at 35 weeks pregnant actually...

10 Reasons Why Winter Babies Are The Best

When I received a December due date for my first son, my heart sank. Bringing home a baby in the frigid cold seemed like a nightmare. And how was I going to survive being...

What’s Your Mama Metric? Measuring Up to Motherhood

The time stamp gave her away. Before I even read her text, I knew she was hugely concerned. Only moms in the throes of desperation text at 3 am. Especially when the text is...