Kellee is a 27 year old small-town girl from Southwest Georgia. She is married to software engineer, Michael, and is mom to 6 year old son, Zachary, with a baby girl due in September 2020! She is a stay-at-home-mom, but also has her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy, and hopes to one day be able to return to a career in the school system, helping students become more independent. Kellee enjoys spending time with her family, baking, board games, playing tennis, traveling, being outside, and volunteering as a high school ministry leader at her church.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Kids Doing Math This Summer

If you missed part 1 of this post, I talked about ways to keep your kids reading over the summer to avoid the “summer slide.”  Today, I want to give you some easy ways...
summer reading

Easy Ways to Keep Your Kids Reading This Summer

Worried about the “summer slide” happening to your kids?  If your kids are anything like mine, they forget things they knew pretty easily. To avoid this, our kids need lots of practice with skills...

Pregnancy in Quarantine

My husband and I announced back in April that we are expecting a baby in September!  We are beyond excited, but this also comes with some fears, changes, and adaptations that are much different...
kids clean

7 Ways to Have Your Young Kids Help Clean the House

Who doesn’t love a clean house?  I know I do. Kids make it tough, but when people come over to our house and say things like, “wow, your house is so clean!” it makes...

But What If I’ve Never Had My “Tribe?”

You know those sayings people have about “finding your tribe?"  I don’t know who those people are, but I need lessons. Making friends does NOT come easily to this girl.  It always seems like...
meal planning

Meal Planning Made Simple

If you’re anything like me, determining what to cook EVERY SINGLE NIGHT can be an arduous task.  If you’re nothing like me, you have a personal chef or a husband who does all the...
bless your child's teacher

Six Ways to Bless Your Child’s Teacher

Y’all, working with kids allllll day is H A R D.  It’s especially hard when you have 20+ of them. The precious people that teach our children every day deserve so much praise.  And...

Stepmom Struggle

I have a son.  I buy him clothes, I fix his meals, I teach him how to read and write and do math problems, I help him learn to ride a bike, I care...
drink alcohol

Friends Don’t Let Friends… Not Drink Alcohol?

There are people all over the world that do not consume alcohol for myriad reasons. I am one of those people. It seems, however, that those people are few and far between. It also...
hate Halloween

I Hate Halloween. *GASP* There, I Said It.

I may be the only person on the planet (surely not), but I really just hate Halloween.   I have never been one to enjoy scary haunted houses or horror movies. What would I rather do? My introverted...