Kristal, Senior Writer

Kristal, Senior Writer
Kristal is a native of California, lived in Utah, and now lovingly calls Colorado Springs home. She grew up in a household with four younger siblings and graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz. She and her husband are raising their elementary school aged children in the Briargate area. With kids in school full time, Kristal is an active member of the PTA, and spends time working in local schools. She is passionate about connecting moms in our community. In her spare time, she enjoys long walks in the aisles of Target, dancing it out in Zumba classes, drinking copious amounts coffee, cooking dinner as a form of therapy, and last but certainly not least, spending time outdoors with her family.
middle school

Middle School: It’s Coming Whether We Want It or Not

Right about now, the reality is setting in for us parents of fifth graders. We have just a few precious months before we send our kids into that character-building, tumble-dry cycle that is Middle...

Fun with Paper: Five Easy Activities for Snow Days

Snow days are fun and exciting. Until a few hours later, when you are running out of ideas to keep the kids entertained. Fear not, because there is plenty of fun to be had with a...

Parenting in a Secret Minority

At some point in the journey of parenthood, all of us find ourselves in a minority. Maybe you find yourself feeding your little one with a bottle in a room filled with breastfeeding covers. Maybe...
experience gifts FI

Experience Gifts They’ll Love

Given the popularity of books and blogs on minimalism, many of us seem to be looking for ways to have less "stuff" in our lives and our homes. When the holidays come around, I...

Waging War on Germs: Five Ways to Stay Healthy This Year

Every year it happens. Word starts spreading about the germs going around. Kids diagnosed with the flu. Stomach bugs spreading like wildfire. The coughs ringing through the halls at school. Over the years, I have...
literary theme nights

Connecting Through Books: Literary Theme Nights

I am raising serious bookworms in my house. For which I am eternally grateful. They would read all day, every day, if left to their own devices. We have a rolling cart for library...

Fall Fun Runs and Races

Get ready to race this fall! Below are all the fun runs and races in Colorado Springs!Location: Garden of the Gods & Rock Ledge Ranch Time: Race Site open at 6:00 a.m. Susan G. Komen Race for the...

Craft Fairs

We love to shop local, and we especially love to support moms who are using their talents and gifts to provide for their families. Craft fairs are the perfect place to support moms and...

Trick or Treating

Get ready for Halloween sweets and treats with our list of special events to celebrate in Colorado Springs! This round-up of kid-friendly events includes trick or treating and trunk or treats around town. What...
third wheel

I’ve Become a Third Wheel to My Children

When I became pregnant with my second child, I dreamt about the relationship I wanted my kids to have.  After we learned our daughter would have a baby brother, I became worried they wouldn't...