Krista is wife to her high school sweetheart and best friend, Randy, and mom to her two sweet boys, Hudson and Jones. She’s a former first-grade teacher turned writer, using her words and heart to uplift and encourage mamas on this wild, beautiful, messy journey of motherhood. She loves spending time with family and friends, exploring the incredible outdoors, exercising (#alonetime), long strolls around the neighborhood to pass the witching hour, rooting for too many teams across too many sports to name, snuggling on the couch with her hubby and binge-watching Suits, and baring her mama heart over at Kisses From Boys with Krista Ward.

How I Nearly Allowed Facebook to Destroy My Marriage

I almost let Facebook get between my husband and me. In fact, if I’m being completely honest, I did. I allowed a small but devastating wedge to form between the two of us, all thanks...

2018 Guide to Fall Color Day Trips

Who is ready for some fall color? That foliage that seeps down Colorado's mountainsides like honey?  Colorado Springs Moms Blog has assembled this guide to provide you with a starting point for planning trips to...

The Quest for Rest: One Mom’s Version of Happy Hour

When my oldest was “sleep training” (I don’t even really know what that term means, so I probably wasn’t truly sleep training), I worked long and hard to get him to sleep in until...

My 10 Favorite Surprises: Giving Birth the Second Time Around

When your water breaks, you know you need to giddy on up to the hospital. But when contractions are making you feel like you might die from the inside yet are still eight minutes apart, you call the hospital twice thinking maybe they'll take pity on you this time and tell you to come have your baby. Spoiler alert: they won't.

Read Across America (Every) Day: Tips for Reading at Home

Today is Read Across America Day.  But as a mama with the heart of a teacher, a passion for education ingrained deep within my soul, Read Across America Day is every day.   Read... It's...

Your High Schooler & the Dreaded Four Letter Word: Love

It was love at first sight…   Of a MySpace picture.    I fell for his perfectly crafted black-and-white portrait right then and there. I didn’t even know his last name, but I didn’t need to. That was...

#me, too: Recognizing My Role in Instilling Respect

They will make the right choice because, when it comes to this, they won’t even see a choice. What they will see is a nonnegotiable. A standard. An expectation. A simple, basic, undeniable right for women to be treated with dignity, respect, and love, and that is that.

Three Gifts Moms Need This Christmas: Peace, Contentment and Grace

It is in this moment that I'll remind myself, as I've done many times before, that I've actually already received every single one of these gifts. I don't need them; they're already mine. They may bury themselves down deep inside sometimes, but they're there.

Why Wait? Living a Life of Gratitude Before It’s Too Late

So this is where I dare you to make a change. I know it's a big one, and I know it will take time. And you'll undoubtedly fail at it daily, but just give it a shot. Shift your focus, stop taking the things in your life for granted, give thanks in all things, and raise your children to do the same.

Perfection On Social Media: #sorrynotsorry

If you want to continue to use your social media accounts to stand out as the "real" mom in the midst of the posed, filtered masses, by all means, you do you. But don't expect me to join in. Instead, you'll find me over here posting about how perfect my life is, because those are the moments that I want to remember. Those are the memories that I want my children to have.