Hello! I’m Melisa, pronounced muh-leesa. I’m an enthusiastic wife to my husband of 10 years and homeschool mama to four curious children. My roots are in the PNW and I currently reside in Colorado Springs, where I soak up all the sunshine and snow. I love all things beautiful—but most of all Jesus and all the wonderful people created by God! When I’m not sweeping up crumbs and juggling school lessons, I like to spend an afternoon to myself going to the spa, wandering Anthropologie for inspiration, creating something handmade and eating yummy food in a gorgeous outdoor space. Oh, and if there’s time I always love scoring a great thrift store deal!

8 Ways to Style your Space

Seventeen homes. I think when I counted last that is how many spaces I could remember moving into as an adult. Most of them were rental situations and a few owned homes sprinkled in...
brown skin

Why Is My Skin Brown?

What color are you? We can often find ourselves in the trap of a social construct, called race.  So many of us have been taught to define ourselves within the limits of our culture when...

Thinking About Homeschooling?

These have been difficult waters to navigate.  School year 2020-21 started off for so many families with hesitation, fatigue, and continued unknowns of how this year would play out.  In this current state of...

How Do We Deal with All the Whining?

Does this whining sound familiar? But, I don’t want to, Mommy! But!  Whyyyyy? It’s not fair! She was mean to me! He won’t share! Some days seem like they are filled to the brim with a house full of whining...
pregnancy loss

Peace Amidst Pregnancy Loss

It's a boy! The day we found out our first son, Moses, was a boy was wonderful!  I remember being in the doctor’s office with my husband, Troy, and seeing his little face, arms and...
melisa bass

Introducing new COSMC contributor Melisa Bass

Hello Colorado Springs Moms!  My name is Melisa (pronounced muh-leesa) and I'm excited to be a new voice around here at COSMC! I am raising four beautiful souls at home (Stella, Judah, Naomi, & Natalie)...