Rebecca, Senior Writer

Rebecca is a Colorado Native. She graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and West Chester University in Pennsylvania with a BA and MA in Psychology. Currently, she works for a local nonprofit, where she teaches low-income moms how to repair their credit, and value themselves and their money. Married to her Spartan-racing husband, and mom to a son and a daughter, in her free time you can find her cooking, reading, and working out. She loves her network of sweet friends, and is a podcast addict.

Facing the Fitness Class: Tips to Get Started

January has come and gone, and so have everyone’s New Year’s resolutions. But if it has been your goal to exercise, I will tell you a secret: Now is a great time to start. Why...

Finding your Mother’Hood’ in Colorado Springs

My first mother'hood' was the sweet group of women I met at a prenatal water fitness class at the YMCA—most of us expecting our first babies. Our bellies swelled over the months, and as we treaded...
high school

Reflecting on High School and Finding my Heroes

I have been watching friends of mine navigate their children’s senior year and upcoming graduations—the excitement, the drama, the heartache of letting your child grow up. My kids are tweens, so I am still...

Expectations: How Mine Must Change as My Kids Grow

Expectations. They really trip me up some days. My “motherly” rosy picture is quite lovely, but the reality can be so very different. To make matters more complicated, my expectations are often the exact...

Helping Kids Deal with Change

Change can be big like a new school or a new house or good friends moving away. They can be smaller and more mundane, like the change of today's plans or the transition from school to summer. Or vacation! Some of my biggest challenges as a mother have come when we are in the midst of change. Sometimes I am aware of the change, and other times I realize later that I was clueless.

Travel Colorado: Salida

A hidden gem at the edge of the Arkansas Valley, family friendly Salida is worth a visit.  My husband’s family is from Montrose on the Western Slope of Colorado, which is a 5 hour drive...

Words with Kids: Connecting with Tweens

If I am driving them somewhere in the car, having a friend along deems me completely invisible! Suddenly, I am privy to all the dirt on the latest music, fashion, boy/girl crushes and other very fascinating information. This can help me understand my kid in ways that my direct questioning never does.

Well Mama: From Worn Out to Early Morning Workout

When my kids were small, I desperately wanted to go to the YMCA regularly to exercise, but it seemed like the odds were stacked against me. One kid would be sick (can’t leave the house). Or I had been up all night (yet again) with my non-sleeping son and hardly felt up for a trip to the grocery store, let alone to go work out for an hour.

What Book is on Your Nightstand?

This is the time of year that I love to climb into bed with a good book. Cool evenings are perfect for curling up under soft sheets and sipping a cup of tea while...

COSMB Cares: Helping Homeless Families with Children

Imagine that you are a single mother with two kids who has lost her job and been evicted from her apartment. You have been staying with friends, but you have been asked to leave....