Rebecca, Senior Writer

Rebecca is a Colorado Native. She graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and West Chester University in Pennsylvania with a BA and MA in Psychology. Currently, she works for a local nonprofit, where she teaches low-income moms how to repair their credit, and value themselves and their money. Married to her Spartan-racing husband, and mom to a son and a daughter, in her free time you can find her cooking, reading, and working out. She loves her network of sweet friends, and is a podcast addict.

Not Being Needed When the Dough Is Being Kneaded

When the timer goes, off, he dusts the counter with flour and dumps the dough into the middle. He turns on the oven to the correct temperature, and greases two baking sheets. With assurance, he divides the dough into two pieces. The first, he shapes into a cylinder and places in the center of a baking sheet. The second he braids – that’s right, he braids it - into a loaf. He looks like a miniature master baker. Gingerly, he places them into the hot oven.

The Bittersweetness of Growing Up

But I turn and clutch the doll to my chest, suppressing tears. This doll, placed so tenderly on the step, is an offering to the passage of time, to growing up, to letting go. It hurts my heart. I don’t want it to come yet. Slowly, I make my way down the stairs, cradling the doll.
feeding food insecure

Feed Those in Need: How To Help Relieve Food Insecurity

The USDA Economic Research website reports that in our country, households with children are affected most of all. Almost one third of households headed by a single mother report that they struggle to provide enough food for their children on a daily basis.

How Much Is That? Teaching My Kids About Money.

Figuring out what tools our kids need to be competent adults is probably one of the most important goals of motherhood. We all want them to have the skill sets to survive in the world....

A New Take On School Year Resolutions

As the pressures of present day living fade away for a short while, she stops thinking about what everyone thinks of her. She can simply be herself.

10 Things Every Mom of School Age Kids Should Have Handy

Newbie parents get all kinds of cool lists - what to pack for the hospital, what you need in a nursery, and even what to put into a diaper bag. The lists are endless....
st. patrick's day

St. Patrick’s Day: Arranging Visits from the Leprechaun

I have a confession to make. I have two children, one of whom continues to believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. However, my other child became wise to Santa and...

Keeping Chaos at Bay: Four Tips to Staying Organized as a Mom

Organization is not my natural inclination. As a single person, that worked out most of the time. I probably was not as productive as I could be, but I organized the big stuff -...

You Will Feel Embarrassed: Rites of Motherhood

Long before I met my husband or had children, I knew a dear married couple who had just started their own family. As a young, single woman, they invited me to spend time with...

My Top Five Favorite Parenting and Personal Development Books of 2016

I am a library junkie. When I go into our local public library, I rarely leave with less than a dozen books. Granted, some of those are for my kids. But there are always...