Rochelle is a desert-rat from Arizona who kept moving north until she hit Colorado Springs; good luck getting her to leave now. She wasted no time snagging her husband under the pretense of athleticism and outdoorsy-ness. Among other things, eleven years of marriage has yielded two beautiful daughters, Harper and Quinn. Momming these super-sassy littles is her biggest adventure yet, and provides for some serious writing material. Rochelle works out of the home also, and has a diverse background in public relations, social work, student advising, youth ministry and pyrotechnics. She is presently finishing up her MBA and is juggling all of it fairly well for a person with little to no hand-eye-coordination. She is a firm believer that it takes a village to raise a child and she is beyond grateful for hers.

Hurry, Hustle & The Price Of Patience

I have a kiddo who hates to be rushed. It absolutely sets her off. I, on the other hand, lack patience. My constant state of functioning tends to be rushed. I am not very good...
executive functioning

Did You Know about These Things Called Executive Functioning Skills?

Did you know there are these things called Executive Functioning Skills? And they are kind of a big deal? I am sure you do; you probably read up on it in a book somewhere when you...
first grade

My Kid Wasn’t Prepared for First Grade; Neither was I

Can I just be vulnerable for a second? Some days you completely win as a parent and your kid uses their manners, follows the rules and even eats their vegetables.  Other days you send your kid...
thanksgiving dinner

The Ultimate Kid-Friendly Keto Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s that time of year again! Pumpkins and leaves and food.  Oh, the food!  I LOVE fall! Time to gather around the table with friends and family alike and celebrate gratitude. And a keto...

Gifting Experiences: Less Clutter; More Time Together

I hate cleaning my kids’ rooms.  The act seems so incredibly redundant that it is beyond off-putting for me. And, much like we see in Toy Story 4, they attach emotionally to some of...

A Boy Called My Daughter Fat — How I Responded

“How was your day at school, baby?” I asked as she climbed into the car. —“A little boy told me I had a fat belly,” she said, almost matter-of-factly. “I’m sorry… what?!” She repeated herself. The...

Sphere of Influence in the Mom-O-Verse

I’m sitting here with a glass of Colorado whiskey, trying to think up what my niche in the mom-o-verse is.  I am a mom of two lovely-lady-littles. I work full time.  A full-time student,...