Rochelle is a desert-rat from Arizona who kept moving north until she hit Colorado Springs; good luck getting her to leave now. She wasted no time snagging her husband under the pretense of athleticism and outdoorsy-ness. Among other things, eleven years of marriage has yielded two beautiful daughters, Harper and Quinn. Momming these super-sassy littles is her biggest adventure yet, and provides for some serious writing material. Rochelle works out of the home also, and has a diverse background in public relations, social work, student advising, youth ministry and pyrotechnics. She is presently finishing up her MBA and is juggling all of it fairly well for a person with little to no hand-eye-coordination. She is a firm believer that it takes a village to raise a child and she is beyond grateful for hers.

A Boy Called My Daughter Fat — How I Responded

“How was your day at school, baby?” I asked as she climbed into the car. —“A little boy told me I had a fat belly,” she said, almost matter-of-factly. “I’m sorry… what?!” She repeated herself. The...

Sphere of Influence in the Mom-O-Verse

I’m sitting here with a glass of Colorado whiskey, trying to think up what my niche in the mom-o-verse is.  I am a mom of two lovely-lady-littles. I work full time.  A full-time student,...