When she’s not running after three active boys and their little sister, you can find Sarah playing competitive soccer, hanging with her close girlfriends, hiking with her family, watching too much reality television or hiding in the bathroom for a moment's peace.
Silence isn't comfortable

Silence Isn’t Comfortable

As a mother, I have to speak up. Those little eyes are looking at me. Watching me. Waiting for my movement. Ready to hear my thoughts and feel my reassurances that they will be ok, that I will be ok. That life for them will be as I promised, beautiful. My son is moving closer to being a teenager; he hears and understands so much more than we give him credit for or want to believe he can. He's watching me, I can feel it.
Easy week of meals

An Easy Week of Meals: Feel Like a Rock Star in the Kitchen

There are many things that make me feel like I really won at this being a wife and a mother thing. I feel like a champion if I can get most of the laundry...

Adopted: Who Do I Look Like?

Birth Mother: 18 years old, black ancestry, 5’3” tall, 120 lbs, small bone structure, coarse black hair, black eyes, dark complexion. Senior in high school, would like to be a social worker. Enjoys sports...

5 Facts That Prove My Two Year Old Is Trying To Ruin My Life

I don’t know about you, but right now I am in that stage where I feel like I will never really get a moment’s peace in my life. With a 9 year old, 2...

Part Two of Why I Want a Little Pink in my World: Why the...

Many of you wonderful readers out there read my last blog post “Why I Need a Little Pink in my World.” So, I thought it only fair to write an update. It's been just...

Why I Want a Little Pink In My World

I never thought I would be a mom to all boys. Never. Even before I was married, I pictured, dreamed of and just naively assumed that I would have at least one of each....

Being a Coach’s Wife: A Blessing and a Curse

Each year since then, we have survived and come out the other end stronger. My husband sacrifices time with his family. His children sacrifice time with their dad. I sacrifice time with my husband and partner. But if you accepted the position, then you accepted the good with the bad and you do what you can to make the bad a little easier.

The Best Parenting Advice I Have Ever Received

My husband is someone who goes through life always trying to be better...a better husband, a better dad, a better sibling, a better son/son in law, a better friend and a better follower of...

The Power of the Staycation

In the last few years, our family has truly embraced the power of a staycation (a vacation where you stay in your state). Whether it’s been a hotel in town or a couple hour...

10 Signs Pointing to “No More Babies!”

  The other day, my mind wandered (as it usually does). I started thinking about the reaction I would have if I again found myself with child... for the fifth time. This led me to...