When she’s not running after three active boys and their little sister, you can find Sarah playing competitive soccer, hanging with her close girlfriends, hiking with her family, watching too much reality television or hiding in the bathroom for a moment's peace.

THE ROOST: Chef-Prepared Meals, Ready to Heat and Serve

In my own experience, it's always been important to me to take a break from my normal everyday routine and life. As a mom of four, (and I'm sure my husband would relate as a...

Best Friend

To be a best friend, to have a best friend, what does that actually mean? As a mother, wife, career woman, do we still need a best friend? So much weight has always been...

Sharing the Load: Dividing and Conquering Household Duties

It's a partnership, and for us, it's worked wonders to feel like we are in it together and not alone in certain responsibilities. He's always there to pick up where I left off and vice versa until the job is done.

Who Is Getting Your Leftovers?

Tonight, after I put my kids to bed and finally had a moment to myself, I thought of the ways I inadvertently give people in my life my emotional and sometimes physical leftovers. No, I am not talking about food anymore. I am talking about giving those we love the most in our life, the cold and unappealing leftovers of our day. 

Whole 14

I must tell all of you about this amazing new diet healthy eating plan that my husband and I embarked on a few months ago. You may have heard of the Whole30 plan. Well, it's EXACTLY that, except you cheat and quit on day 14. It's fantastic I tell you!

Finding the Bright Side: Flipping Negativity on It’s Head

Sometimes, I'm annoyed by how annoyed I get.   I can get so annoyed by things that I reach a point where I can't easily snap out of it. And in general, my look on...

Worry, Fear, and the Unknown: Taking Back My Kids Childhood

Growing up, I would definitely call myself a worrisome child. I would worry about all types of things and then those worries would turn into nightmares at night as I slept. It wasn't every...

Does It Bring Me Joy? A Personal Quest To Live With Less

I love to watch documentaries. Whenever I find the chance (nowadays it's while I am nursing or during nap time) to fit these types of shows in, I do. I am so intrigued by...

Saving Your Kid’s Childhood: Treasuring Keepsakes

With four kids, the amount of teeth, baby hair, drawings, report cards, pictures and other keepsakes I have, is bound to become insurmountable. With my first child, I wanted to keep everything and I...

How To Help Your Child Win At Life And Be More Organized

The other day, my ten year old son came home from school and he promptly asked to go outside and play with his friends. I asked the question I always ask, "Do you have...