I am a stay-at-home mom to my 2 year old daughter and soon to be, newborn son this September. My husband and I met in college and immediately moved to Colorado Springs because of new jobs. We have lived here for 5 years and love the area. It is home. I grew up in Idaho in a small town on a farm, so everything country runs in my veins. I love to read, write, sew, craft, bake, ski, and swim.

Putting Aside Other Dreams to Fulfill My Dream of Being a Mother

I love to sing opera. *Whew* I said it. My biggest dream growing up was to travel around the nation as a famous opera singer. I started taking voice lessons when I was 14 and fell in...

Go with Your Gut, Dear Mama: Why You Know Your Kids Better than Anyone...

My son was a mere 2 weeks old when I knew something was wrong.  He was sleeping 21+ hours a day. His skin had started getting darker. Nursing sessions seemed to get longer every time,...

Feeding Tube Awareness Week: A Day in the Life of a Tubie Mama

And there is one thing you should never say to a mom with a child on a feeding tube. "Oh, this is just a phase. Your child will grow out of it and will be eating all kinds of food before you know it."

Freedom: Becoming a Less AND More Mom in 2018

My goal this year is to stop striving to be like "that other mom" and just be me. That is what my kids want. That is what my husband wants. They want more of the mom I was designed to be. The quirky, unorganized, passionate, fun-loving mom that was given to them. I want to be free of trying to be someone that I am not. 
christmas traditions

Creating Christmas Traditions for the Whole Family

Driving around and looking at Christmas lights is another tradition we started as newlyweds. Dressed in our pajamas, we hop in the car, get hot chocolate at the Starbucks drive-thru and find the best musical Christmas light shows in Colorado Springs. Our daughter is old enough to thoroughly enjoy it now. She loves the lights, music and, of course, the hot chocolate.
Christmas Dates Colorado Springs

Best Christmas Dates in Colorado Springs

Aren't we allowed to take a break from all of the holiday to-do and enjoy an adult-only date? Of course we are! Dating our significant other is important, especially around the holidays when things tend to be more about the kids. Thankfully, our city has a lot of fun Christmas activities for parents as well.
difficult second pregnancy

How I Survived a Difficult Second Pregnancy

I couldn't cook or clean. Just trying to keep my daughter and I both sane and alive became my primary job. I started thinking, "I have to get through this for my son's sake. I can't keep falling apart because my daughter and husband need me to be stay strong and healthy."