Tonia is a Colorado native who is very inspired by beauty, especially when it is captured in writing, dance, nature or relationships. After studying communications, Spanish, and dance at Colorado State University, she moved to Colorado Springs with her husband, Daniel. Tonia is a mama to one son, Logan (born 2016), who keeps her on her toes daily! In addition to keeping up with her energetic little guy, Tonia also works from home providing website and social media management for a local nonprofit. She is also passionate about using the arts to help individuals reach their full potential in life, and she teaches and dances with an arts-based social advocacy nonprofit. In all she does, faith is the heartbeat of Tonia’s life, and she genuinely enjoys approaching life with a blend of creativity, compassion and a dry sense of humor. Outside of work, Tonia enjoys spending time outdoors, reading and writing in a great coffee shop and sweating it out in a ballet class.

Sustainability: Making Time To Love On the Daily

In regards to parenting a young child, a dear friend once told me, “don’t lose yourself in the temporary.” It had been a tough day of juggling parenting and work – all my resources...

Finding Real Rest as a Mom

I often feel like I’m charging forward in life, while my heart runs behind me, trying to catch up. Journaling and physical movement provide much-needed space to “metabolize” emotion, so-to-speak, so that I can face life with clarity. This alone is worth the time investment required.
family photo

Expectations vs. Reality: The Family Photo Session

Now, I’m a big experiences person. Experiences matter to me – especially experiences with people I care about. And for the most part, I like my experiences to be enjoyable. I did not want to look back on this family photo experience and remember it as a big flop.
first year snapshots

The First Year in Snapshots: Connecting to Confidence

And then my mind lands on one of the most powerful moments from the first year. I’m sitting in my counselor’s office, eyes wet, nose runny and voice crackly as I recall that first moment, the one where I felt so uprooted just after labor and delivery. We processed through the depression and anxiety tied to that moment. Her words pointed me beyond myself – “You aren’t alone in the experience of being separated from your child…”
Mom Creativity

Embracing Your Creativity as a Mom

I’ve been contemplating what it looks like to fully embrace my motherhood while also wholly embracing my creative self. In this new territory of motherhood, there is room for the expanse of creativity – I just have to look a little harder to see it at times.

6 Reasons Why It’s Time to Kill Mom Guilt

It’s normal to feel mom guilt. Motherhood is different for every mom, and there is no manual for every situation you may encounter. We all struggle, and that is part of motherhood’s beauty – it makes us dig deeper, grow in ways we never imagined and connects us to others who can help.
Dad's Thoughts First Year

A Dad’s Thoughts on the First Year

As any new parent will tell you, nothing can quite prepare you for the first year of your child’s life. It’s extraordinary, exhilarating and downright exhausting! It’s beautiful and messy and frightening. And while I’ve...

Choosing Relationship Over Task

The sun hasn’t yet risen and we’re awake – my son and I. We’ve been awake for a couple of hours already. I think to myself, “Is my pre-toddler aspiring to be a future...

Dear New Mama: A Letter of Encouragement From My Future Self

Dear “New Mama” me, This is your future self (a couple of decades into the future, to be exact). Don’t think too hard on this one; just take these words for what they are. I want...

Five Lessons I Learned As a Rookie Work At Home Mom

Before becoming a mom, I used to read articles about various life scenarios mamas found themselves in: the “stay at home mom,” the “work out of the home,” the “work at home mom.” For...