Imagine you’re out to dinner with your family and strangers come up to sympathize with “how hard it must be” for your husband to care for the kids on his own. This is despite that fact that you’re the one who birthed them, and you’re an equally important and active part in their lives. Or imagine a stranger telling your spouse how it’s absolutely astounding that he hasn’t walked out on you yet due to your “problems.”
A few months ago, I wrote a piece where in it I staked my claim on carving out margin. Mothering older kids seems to be a constant battle of “what can I make time for today?" But now everything...
Folks, we’re wrapping up the craziest school year of all time! With about a month to go, we can see the finish line in sight, and we’re dreaming of summer time.  But the finish feels really far away.  And this school...

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The Colorado Springs Guide to Pediatric Therapy

When your child needs specialized care, searching for a provider can seem like a daunting task. The Colorado Springs Guide to Pediatric Therapy will...